Strengthening practice continued

down your body to help make the transition from the strengthening poses to the relaxation portion of your practice. To relax after you have completed the poses, spend 5 to 15 minutes in Relaxation Pose shown on page 242.

Clasp your elbows or

For information on

Pyramid Pose helps

wrists behind your back,

Pyramid Pose, see

strengthen your legs,

step your right foot

page 162.

increase the flexibility

forward approximately

of your hips and

3 feet and move into

improve your balance.

Pyramid Pose.

Move into Triangle

Triangle Twist

Perform Pyramid


provides an intense

Pose and Triangle

For information on

stretch to your legs.

Twist for your other

Triangle Twist, see

side and then return

page 164.

to Mountain Pose.

24 Bend forward from your hips and place your palms on the floor in front of your feet, shoulder width apart and then move into Half Moon Pose.

For information on Half Moon Pose, see page 148.

This pose can strengthen your legs and buttocks, as well as increase the flexibility of your legs and hips.

Perform Half Moon Pose for your other side.

26 Kneel on the floor with your knees and feet hip width apart, curl your toes under and place your hands on your lower back, with your fingers pointing down.

27 Lift your ribcage up and back as you move into Camel Pose.

• For information on

Camel Pose, see page 214.

Camel Pose strengthens your back and spine and stretches the front of your thighs.

Perform Child's Pose to return your spine to a neutral position.

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