Strengthening practice continued

14 Cross your arms and legs in Eagle Pose.

• For information on Eagle Pose, see page 146.

Place your palms on

Lift your hips toward

Inclined Plane Pose

the floor behind your

the ceiling and move

strengthens your arms,

hips, shoulder width

into Inclined Plane

wrists and upper body.

apart, with your


Move into Mountain

fingers pointing away

For information on

Pose. For information

from you.

Inclined Plane Pose,

on Mountain Pose, see

see page 212.

page 120.

14 Cross your arms and legs in Eagle Pose.

• For information on Eagle Pose, see page 146.

Eagle Pose helps improve your balance and strengthen your legs, knees and ankles.

15 Perform Eagle Pose for your other side and then return to Mountain Pose.


Bend your right knee

• For information on


Perform Dancer Pose

and bring your right

Dancer Pose, see

for your other side

leg behind you.

page 140.

and then return to


Reach behind you with

• Dancer Pose helps

Mountain Pose.

your right hand to clasp

strengthen your

your right ankle and

shoulders, arms and

move into Dancer Pose.



Step your right foot

• Triangle Pose helps


Perform Triangle Pose

to the right 3 to 5

increase the strength

for your other side

feet and move into

and flexibility of your

and then return to

Triangle Pose.

legs and stretches the

Mountain Pose.

For information on

sides of your body.

Triangle Pose, see

page 134.


Strengthening Practice should take approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete, in addition to the time you spend centering, warming up and relaxing.

It is important to perform Little Boat Pose and Little Boat Twist at the end of this practice. These poses cool

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