Strengthening practice

breath from a seated or reclined position. Then perform a standing warm-up sequence, such as Standing Warm-Up Sequence shown on page 256, to energize and help prepare your body for the poses in Strengthening Practice.

Begin in Table Pose. For information on Table Pose, see page 172.

Slide your right knee forward between your hands and move into Pigeon Pose.

For information on Pigeon Pose, see page 66.

Pigeon Pose helps increase the flexibility of your hips and groin, strengthen your back and stretch your thighs.

Begin in Staff Pose. For information on Staff Pose, see page 72.

Extend your arms overhead and then bend forward from your hips to move into Seated Forward Bend.

For information on Seated Forward Bend, see page 100.

Perform Pigeon Pose for your other side and then return to Table Pose.

Tuck your toes under

For information on


and lift your hips up

Downward-Facing Dog

the floor to return to

into Downward-

Pose, see page 188.

Table Pose.

Facing Dog Pose.

Downward-Facing Dog

Pose lengthens your

spine and stretches

the back of your legs.

Lower your hips

Extend your arms in

• For information on

toward your heels

front of you, with your

Child's Pose, see

and move into

hands shoulder width

page 106.

Child's Pose.

apart and your palms

• This modification of

facing the floor.

Child's Pose stretches

your shoulders, back

and hips.

Seated Forward Bend provides an intense stretch to the back of your body. Return to Staff Pose.

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