Sun salutation continued

Bend forward from your hips and move into Standing Forward Bend.

For information on Standing Forward Bend, see page 154.

Place your hands on the floor on either side of your feet.

If your hands do not reach the floor, bend your knees slightly.

Step your right foot

Lower your right knee

• For information on

back as far as possible.

to the floor and move

Lunge Pose, see

into Lunge Pose.

page 180.

• Make sure your left

knee is directly above

your left ankle.

Bring your left foot

• For information

• Make sure your head

back next to your

on Plank Pose,

and hips are in line

right foot and move

see page 184.

with your spine.

into Plank Pose.

Lower your knees,

• For information on

chest and chin to the

Eight Point Pose,

floor and move into

see page 186.

Eight Point Pose.


(surya namaskar)

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