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The Tense-Relax Technique involves moving through your entire body, tensing each part of your body and then releasing the part and allowing it to completely relax.

To perform Tense-Relax Technique, begin in Relaxation Pose. Inhale and tense your feet, hold for a moment and then exhale and release your feet, allowing the tension to drain away. Inhale slowly and then exhale slowly, allowing your feet to completely relax. Continue to tense and release each part of your body, gradually moving up to your head.

Meditation is an important aspect of yoga that can strengthen the union of your mind, body and spirit. Meditation provides you with an opportunity to sit still, clear your mind of all thoughts and fully relax your body.

The practice of meditation may also help you develop a sense of spiritual strength and peacefulness. Although meditation involves a spiritual element, yoga is not a religion.

You should meditate every day, starting with 5 minute sessions and working up to 20 or 30 minutes.


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