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The caregiver training e-book gives a training course on how to provideassistance to another person who is ill, disabled or needs help with daily activities. It can also serve as a useful guide to the individuals in the need of help. The product deals in physical, mental, social, and psychological needs and well-being of both the caregivers and the elderly person requiring care. Everyone needs a little help from time to time and while many seniors lean on the friends and family members for support, there may be some instances in which it's necessary to seek additional assistance or long-term care which was why this product was created by the author. This caregiver product is a practical guide created by the author who is an expert in the field. This product embeds in it several training sections in which each section gives detailed information on how to provide assistance to people who are ill, disabled, or aged. This product is a trusted and 100% guarantee to provide the necessary details needed in caring for the physically challenged, aged and ill individuals. The product is also an essential overview of issues from Alzheimer's to diabetes to strokes. Read more here...

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A Step-by-Step Guide for Parents and Caregivers Dion E. Betts and Stacey W. Betts Yoga for children with autism spectrum disorders a step-by-step guide for parents and caregivers Dion E. Betts and Stacey W. Betts forewords by Louise Goldberg and Joshua S. Betts. p. cm. We have had very profound experiences with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Like many parents and caregivers, we continue to search for ways of helping these children lead happy and productive lives. At the time of writing no cure for any of the Autism Spectrum Disorders has been found. In fact, no one knows for certain the cause or causes of Autism Spectrum Disorders. provides a simple approach for any parent or caregiver to use to help their children by using yoga. We believe that by using this guide, parents and care-givers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders can help their children use yoga poses and breathing methods to lessen some of the symptoms that the children experience. No experience in yoga...


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