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Power Quadrant System

This product is going to show you one of the oldest ways that people used to know about their talents, people they should be with and who they truly are. Liz and Ric, the creators of this product have found out about this stone that can tell you about your life, they have dedicated their time and tested a calendar code system that has worked amazingly for them. They were finally able to know what they were supposed to do in life through the code enumerationof their DNA that the product will show you. This product will show you what you are best compatible with, your best strengths and people you are most compatible with, with just 53 minutes and a few papers you will get, you will be on your way to change our life to what it was supposed to be. All of this will come with gifts that will be downloaded to your laptop right after you purchase. You will get all the information you need to know about yourself to get started on your new natural life along with knowing aboutthe perfect life path based on who you are, knowing aboutyour soul mate's code, and many other things that will benefit you greatly, you will become the person that you were designed to be, instead of doing jobs your DNA has not designed you to do. More here...

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Highly Recommended

Recently several visitors of websites have asked me about this book, which is being promoted quite widely across the Internet. So I ordered a copy myself to figure out what all the excitement was about.

All the modules inside this book are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

To control your mind is as easy as looking to the left or to the right lets start to practice it NOW if you like to get

First of all you need to understand that peace of mind is to a large extent the result of peace you have created and expanded within and around you in all situations of your life. In ALL situations Following such simple and well known rules like Yama and Niyama in all aspects of your life will create the basis of potential peace within you in all situations. But your mind may have got used to jump around - may be to search for a true motivation in your life. Do you have a goal in life - a goal transcending this incarnation and death that is waiting on you Without true and final goal no peace within. Your soul may get restless because YOU may have temporary lost on your path of life through eternity and through infinity. Hence the restlessness often encountered in nowadays world - even amount young people or children.

Spiritual Cause And Effect

The operation of the Law in surrounding us with certain sets of conditions in a new birth, is influenced by two great general principles (1) The prevailing desires, aspirations, likes and dislikes, and longing of the individual at that particular stage of his existence, and (2) By the influence of the unfolding Spirit, which, pressing forward eagerly for fuller expression and less restraint, brings to bear upon the reincarnating soul an influence which causes it to be governed in its selection of the desirable conditions of its new birth. Upon the apparently conflicting influences of these two great forces rests the whole matter of the circumstances and conditions surrounding the rebirth of the soul, and also many of the conditions surrounding the personality in the new life - for these conditions are governed greatly all through life by these conflicting (or apparently conflicting) forces.

Master Worldly Thoughts

Worldly thoughts will trouble you a lot in the beginning of your new life of thought-culture. They trouble you, also when you take to the practice of meditation and spiritual life. But, if you are regular in your cultivation of spiritual thoughts and in your meditation, these worldly thoughts will gradually die by themselves.

Message from Sri Siva

I want you to attain your optimal financial potential. I want you to get everything you desire. The techniques and tools in this book will help you create and maintain attitudes and behaviors that support and encourage a fully rounded material and spiritual consciousness. To step out of your old life and into a new life, you need Divine energy through the use of spiritual tools. Divine help is here right now to bring you Divine awareness and create a new destiny. Ritual and practice are more important than theory. They are the keys to the manifestation of the changes you desire in your life. This book can help you manifest your dreams. The One Minute Meditation taught in this book will create miracles in your life. And there are many other techniques that take one minute or only a few minutes. You should select the techniques and rituals that best meet your needs and your schedule. It is not necessary to prolong your karma in the name of God. You can step right out of this karma,...

Practical Spiritual Instructions

Feel and realise thy divine nature. Do not murmur when you get difficulties, troubles, tribulations and diseases. Every difficulty is an opportunity for you to develop your will and power of endurance and to grow strong. Conquer the difficulties one by one. This is the beginning of a new life, a life of expansion, glory and divine splendour. Aspire and draw. Grow. Expand. Build up all positive qualities, the Daiva-Sampatti, viz., fortitude, patience and courage, that are dormant in you. Tread the spiritual path and realise 'I am the Immortal Self.

Alone and Together Do I Need a Group

You can find your true identity within yourself. Nobody can find it for you. You must get up in the morning and find your true identity. You need time to be all by yourself, where there is nobody else. It will bring prosperity. Your radiant body will become brighter. There is no make

The Seventh Branch of Yoga Dhyana

Dhyana is the development of witnessing awareness. It is the expression of knowing that you are in this world but not of this world. Throughout your life you have experi ences, which change moment to moment. Your environment changes, your friends change, your employment changes, your body changes, your feelings change, your thoughts change. The only constant in life is perpetual change. Dhyana is the cultivation of your awareness so that in the midst of this unending change, you do not lose your self in the objects of your experience. Although situations, circumstances, people, and things are ever changing in your life, the aspect of you that is witnessing these changes is the essence of your being your soul.

For Further Information

If you would like to explore further how you can incorporate the yogic principle of ahimsa into your life, you may be interested in exploring vegan practices. The meanings of vegetarian and vegan (pronounced veg-un with a hard g ) are not the same. Vegan is a strict practice and requires the use of no animal products whatsoever in all areas of one's life hence no products such as milk, eggs, leather, or wool. Vegetarian may include use of eggs and milk and refers only to diet. Thus a vegan is always vegetarian, but a vegetarian is not necessarily a vegan. If you are interested in learning more about vegan practices, the American Vegan Society, a nonprofit educational organization, can provide you with further information. It publishes a magazine called American Vegan (recently renamed from the previous title of Ahimsa). For further information, contact The American Vegan Society 56 Dinshah Lane P.O. Box 369 Malaga, NJ Tel (856) 694-2887

Commit Yourself to Growth

Even if you don't choose to practice Yoga as a lifestyle, keep an open mind about Yoga's involvement in your life. Allow it to transform not only your body but also your mind. Don't put a ceiling on your own development or assume that you're incapable of ever achieving a certain Yoga posture or learning how to meditate. Let Yoga gently work with your physical and mental limitations and expand your abilities and help you outgrow useless attitudes and negative thoughts and discover new horizons.

The Fourth Center Heart Chakra

The fourth chakra represents the unifying energy of love and compassion. Known as Anahata, the heart chakra is dedicated to overcoming separation and division. When the heart center is blocked, there is a sense of alienation from others. When the heart center is open and flowing, you feel connected at a deep level to all beings in your life. Every act of giving is simultaneously an act of receiving. Each time you welcome a gift into your life you are providing the opportunity for someone to give. Just as a healthy physical heart receives blood from the periphery which it then oxygenates and pumps back out, your emotional heart stays healthy by receiving and giving love in all its forms.

Spirituality Not a Matter of Gender

Remember yoga's traditional, ultimate purpose Yoga was designed to help discipline the body so it doesn't get in the way of the mind. Meditation can be an important part of a yoga journey, but even if you don't sit for 20 minutes a day chanting Om, you can still live your life in a more spiritual manner. But do you want to live more spiritually What does spiritual mean for guys The same thing it means for anyone Life is mysterious, beautiful, sometimes sorrowful, sometimes joyful. Bad things happen, good things happen or at least, things happen we tend to label bad or good. No matter who you are or what gender you happen to be, yoga encourages you to embrace your life and live it with respect, reverence, contentment, and in harmony with everyone and everything else on the planet.

Yoga Helps You Harmonize Your Social Relationships

By giving you a new outlook on life, Yoga can help you improve your relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and others. It gives you the means to develop patience, tolerance, compassion, and forgiveness. Through the techniques of Yoga, you can gain control of your mind and liberate yourself from obsessions and undesirable habits, which can stand in the way of satisfying relationships. Yoga also shows you how to live at peace with the world and attuned to your essential nature, the spirit or Self. It provides you with all you need to harmonize and beautify your life.

Happiness in Job and Business

Happiness is important to mankind here on this planet as well as beyond. It is one major goal in life to achieve happiness in all aspects of your life, private, business, recreation. This following chapter will explain you the the laws and Divine principles behind happiness, enjoyment and fulfillment in your n their job, business or career. What you do to others is what you get back in your life. This law of Karma has been described in depth in previous chapter and is valid for for your job, business or career as well. Understanding this principle thoroughly will enable you to change, adapt or modify any part of your present situation or to look for a new and challenging job, business or career in your future. Some may simply make some minor changes in their personal attitude to achieve this goal. Some others may make some changes in their business policy, in their way of doing business, talking to business partners, employers, employees or customers Do you use your job or business...

Knowing When To Call It Quits

When you want to discover your own metacommitments, you will need to begin by setting aside some of your assumptions about yourself and your life. Assumptions like If I love someone, I should want to live with them or Spiritual people don't concern themselves with goods and money can interfere with your ability to discover what's true for you. Next, you'll need to do some honest self-inquiry. Begin by looking at the commitments you've made in your life. How many of them have been full hearted That is, how many have not been driven by the values of your culture, or by those unexamined beliefs about how you are supposed to live that you set aside before beginning this exercise Now, honestly look at what you value at this point in your life. To determine your real values, ask yourself these questions

Attention and Intention Meditation

Now bring your attention into the area of your heart. For a few moments, simply feel the sensations you are carrying in your heart and then for a few minutes consider all the things for which you are grateful. Acknowledge everything in your life for which you feel gratitude the people, the love, the experiences, and the opportunities that make you the person you are.

Related topics and chapters

Are you missing TRUE happiness in your life if you say NO - if you say yes I am completely happy - may be you are cheating yourself. there is no single person ON THIS Planet who is happy to the very fullest possible extent NOT ONE single person at no point is it TOO late to change your inner attitude - any point in your life - even one second before dying is it is still the right time to BE STRONG whatever profession you have selected - learn more, do it better day after day, improve all your skills and knowledge, become an expert in all different fields of activities you need in your life, in family life, in professional life, in recreation, in making others happy - including in your SEX - LIFE

To My Flower Children

You are angry with life Like small children Whose Mother is lost in darkness. You sulk expressing despair At the fruitless end of your journey. You wear ugliness to discover beauty, You name everything false in the name of truth, You drain out emotions to fill the cup of love. My sweet children, my darlings How can you get peace by waging war With yourself, with your being, with joy itself. Enough are your efforts of renunciation The artificial mask of consolation Now rest in the petals of the lotus flower In the lap of your gracious Mother. I will adorn your life with beautiful blossoms And fill your moments with joyful fragrance. I will anoint your head with Divine Love, For I cannot bear your torture anymore Let me engulf you in the ocean of joy So you lose your being in the Greater One Who is smiling in your calyx of Self Secretly hidden to tease you all the while. Be aware and you will find Him Vibrating your every fibre with blissful joy, Covering the whole universe with light.

Balancing Postures for Graceful Strength

Contemporary life is highly demanding and stressful if you're not properly grounded, you face a constant risk of being pushed out of balance. Grounding means being centered and firm without being inflexible, knowing who you are and what you want, and feeling that you're empowered to achieve your life goals. A good way to begin your grounding work is by improving your physical sense of balance, which helps you synchronize the movement of your arms and legs, giving you poise. When you can stand and move in a more balanced manner, your mind is automatically affected. You feel more balanced.

Yoga for Men in Their s and s

Baron Baptiste, Journey into Power How to Sculpt Your Ideal Body, Free Your True Self, and Transform Your Life with Yoga (Fireside, 2002). Celebrated for his Journey into Power yoga boot camps with yoga postures performed in heated rooms, this book integrates the principles of Baptiste's vigorous physical yoga exercises with the spiritual dimensions of yoga practice.

Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of your body makes you healthier and happier, which enables you to give more of yourself to any task you want to accomplish and to other people in your life. In the course of a day, life makes all kinds of demands on you. Your job, your spouse, and your children all require you to be certain places and do certain things. It may seem selfish for you to set aside these responsibilities for a moment to focus on you, but taking care of yourself actually has benefits for the people you love and the people who depend on you. Nourishing yourself gives you the power and strength to nourish others. Instead of feeling exhausted and tired (and maybe resentful as a result), you can be a light to other people. The more you take care of yourself, the more you have to offer others.

Formulating your intention

Phrase your chosen intention in the following way I will become more this or that. This wording affirms your life's future trajectory by enlisting the unconscious mind. Worthy intentions may be to become more patient, more tolerant, or more loving. We recommend that whatever intention you choose doesn't contradict any of Yoga's high moral virtues, which we discuss in Chapter 20. Also, make your intention realistic and specific. An intention like I will become enlightened is specific enough but perhaps not very realistic. By contrast, an intention like I will become a better person is too vague. A better intention is something more along the lines of I will become more relaxed within myself, I will become more tolerant toward others, or I will become more patient. You want your intention to be something you can stick with until you realize it in your life rather than one you have to abandon because it was too lofty or undefined.

Study of Holy scriptures Svadhyaya

Reading books never leads to becoming a Saint To truly become an image of God you must realize what you read and learn from books. Read some of the Holy scriptures of this World and fully realize what you have read and learned from the books. It makes little if any sense to first read five or ten books without applying what you have read. Read one book at a time thoroughly and then apply in your daily life what you have learned. If then you need additional help or help for important parts of your life is missing so far, then look for another book containing wise help for your life. Some of the books available are highly inspiring, others contain valuable solutions for different problems in life or spiritual rules and laws to facilitate and speed up your spiritual progress on your way to God. Collecting the information in your brain blocks you from receiving Divine inspiration coming from God. The information must become a realized part of your being, of your life.

Devotion to God Isvarapranidhanat

Put all your life, all your being, your soul, your physical body in God's hand. Have complete faith in his Divine Love and let God take care of your earthly belongings. Start to take care of his lost children on earth and God will take care of all your needs. Just open for all the Divine Bliss and Love coming from God - directly from God to you, or indirectly from God trough his other Divine children on earth. One day however you may realize, the only truly important rule is the first and great commandment of Love. These rules however may be very helpful and necessary to realize the great commandment of Love in your life and existence.

Why do people meditate

Daily life may often cause lots of turmoil in your mind and emotions. Stress with your job, your family and political or economical situation of your surroundings of your life may cause lots of anxiety, fears, emotions and thoughts, acting like a storm inside you. Mankind on earth has most often forgotten to live according to spiritual laws and Divine principles of God's creation. So they Another reason for meditation is an advanced spiritual technique. Extended meditation by fully concentrating on an object, until becoming one with the object of meditation leads to the knowledge about the object. This technique is called Samyama. It is a technique that may be used to get an answer about important spiritual questions, or find solutions for important situations of your life. But as a beginner you may practice thousands of hours of meditation before you may become one with the object of meditation. What is is slowing down your success Your anxieties, your expectations about the answer,...

How can we achieve this goal

First of all there definitely is a need to immediately stop any action causing such turmoil in your emotions, mind and actions. This is done by conducting a peaceful life in harmony with the Divine. To start this, you need to learn again to listen to his Divine and loving guidance. It is all the disharmony in your thoughts, emotions, words and actions that caused the turmoil. All the Karma you ever created will collect and be with you, until you start to change your style of life. Serious study of all spiritual laws and practicing and applying them in every days situation of your job, business, family, friends, recreation, politics, and any other situation of your life will be the first step toward creating peace within. It makes little sense to meditate in order to create peace, as long as you still persist in creating turmoil before and after meditation in your daily life. So be ready to change your life, your inner and outer behavior while at the same time start to practice daily...

Piece Discipline and Balance

If you're just beginning your practice, try to approach yoga with an open body, mind, and heart. Suspend your judgment and give yoga the benefit of the doubt. Commit to practicing yoga for at least four to six weeks, and see what effect it has on your life. In practicing yoga, it's very beneficial to be regular and disciplined. Ideally, try to practice yoga at least two to three times a week for an hour or so at a time. If that doesn't work for you, then try to practice as often as fits into your schedule for as long as you are able. But do try to be regular and disciplined to reap the greatest rewards from your yoga practice. In crafting a yoga practice that's right for you, also keep in mind the principle of balance. As one of my teachers advised me If you're in a hurry, slow down. If you're going slowly, speed up You may want to explore styles of yoga that counterbalance your predominant character and personality traits. If you're a Type A overachiever, you may find yourself...

More Kundalini Meditations For Physical Wisdom

This collection of meditations will further enhance the use of your physical wisdom. They are practical techniques that fight stress, enhance intuition, and increase basic life energy. Yogi Bhajan has shared literally hundreds of meditation techniques. These meditations directly expand your life, coping with challenge, and experiencing your physical wisdom.

Stay Tuned In and Listen

Your most important job is to stay present. Answers will come if you stay tuned and listen. Healing will happen as you release your resistance to change. Gifts will appear as you align with your soul. The energy will teach you. The experience will awaken you. Enjoy your unfoldment. Kundalini yoga allows you to savor your life and live to the fullest. What a gift

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana I

The best yoga education provides a solid foundation from which students can grow into their highest potential. Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training prepares people to become successful yoga teachers by mastering the essentials of yoga How do we do this Our unique inquiry-based approach guides you to understand the technology and language of yoga on the mat, while learning how to incorporate the philosophy of yoga into the rest of your life.

The Evolving Role of Yoga

Yoga for Men introduces you to all of these and many more ways in which you can incorporate yoga into your life. The most important aspect of yoga, though, is the actual experience of the practice itself. In this book, you will find all the information and inspiration you need to begin your practice of yoga if you are a novice, or take it to a higher level if you are already somewhat knowledgeable. It is up to you, however, to take the first step in putting that information into practice in your daily life. It is my hope that you will take that first step now Discover for yourself the joy, peace, and harmony that are the gifts of yoga. They are your birthright.

Messages New Year Message

Time is most precious. Utilise every second profitably. Live every moment of your life for the realisation of your ideal and goal. Do not procrastinate. That tomorrow will never come. Now or never. Abandon idle gossiping. Kill egoism, laziness and inertia. Forget the past. A glorious and brilliant future is awaiting you.

These Muscles Dont Stretch

Just remember that yoga can do great things for your health and your life. The exercises will tone and strengthen your body in ways that are both different and complementary to your other physical activities. Or if you're sedentary, yoga is a great way to move into a physical lifestyle. Yoga's deep-breathing exercises and meditation can also be new ways for you to discover the limitless possibilities of your body and mind. Give it a try and welcome to the team Shavasana (see Chapter 19, Dead to the World ). The corpse pose may be incredibly challenging for you, because ironically, it isn't challenging (Well, not in the typical sense.) Practicing shavasana may be the one time in your day when you can completely release challenges and simply be. Completely relaxing your body and mind isn't as easy as it sounds. Even if you love a good challenge, remember that you need to maintain inner balance. Life isn't always challenging, nor should it be. Maybe you yearn for a space in your life...

Keys for Manifestation

Use affirmations for the things that you desire to manifest in your life. Giving the Divine Forces an Opportunity to Work in Your Life We cannot wish that we could have a beach house. Why not Because the logic kicks in, No, no, there is no money. Money is not needed. What is needed is just the pure desire to have a beautiful beach house. Once the desire is there, then you can manifest it. This is the bottom line. How can you get that desire into your consciousness That is the key issue. There are spiritual techniques in this book that will change the very core of your consciousness so that you will be able to alter your negativity. Change your life through your own spirituality. Use spiritual principles to enhance your practical life on this earth plane. To blame someone else is a cop-out. There is nobody else to blame but you. You are the creator of all these dramas. You can create a good drama or a bad drama, but you have to take responsibility for whatever you create. There is...

The Language of the Elements

Remind your students that the elements earth, water, air, and fire can help them become more aware of their bodies. The element earth gives physical power and stability. The element water helps mobility and the ability to solve problems. The fluid nature of water helps feelings and wishes flow along. Air is the bond between the inner and outer worlds and conducts the flow of your moods and emotions in and out. When you see and recognize the things around you, it puts you in a lighthearted mood. The element of fire gives you the energy to make the right choice and to focus on your goals. By directing your attention within and trying to experience the corresponding element in yourself, you can increase your powers of perception. Look to see how close you are to yourself (earth), what moves you (water), how much energy you have (fire) and how consciously you are living your life (air).

Reaping the Rewards of the Senior Workout

People of all ages feel the natural urge to skip a workout now and then. In the case of seniors, however, the body needs more rest and repose on certain days, so you need to pay attention to those needs. But as much as you can, try to stay on track and do these exercises every other day. By consistently practicing these yoga-with-weights exercises, by paying attention to your breathing, and by following the meditation practices we describe in this book (see Chapter 6), you discover more physical freedom in your daily movements and in your life. You gain the confidence to be able to move with ease. When you begin to practice the exercises, you'll notice a greater level of mobility and strength. And the exercises help you maintain the strength and mobility that you already have, giving you healthy support for years to come.

Non selfacceptance as a cause of disease

Every person is fit to tread the yogic path An important step in yoga is to accept your nature as much as you are able. If you can accept your nature, then we can also. Your purpose for wanting to do yoga is not important your religion or non-religion is not important and your lifestyle is also not important. The main thing is that you have started to practise yoga with a degree of sincerity. Your nature is unimportant all faults are unimportant. Your present personality is the starting point. Yoga and daily life experiences will be the means to refine your being and eventually bring equilibrium. Everyone has the ability to contact elevated states of awareness. The potential lies within. It is not made or created, but at present this potential does not express itself because of imbalance and conditioning of the mind. These blocks are only superficial superimpositions on your nature. Each of us has the same potential. There is not one person in the world who is unfit to tread the path...

Welcome back from your sidesteps through your practical exercise

When you focus your visual perception toward a precise object, your mind also moves its focus toward that object. And while keeping all your attention consciously and controlled by your own and free decision on the object, your mind also gets busy with exactly that object you are looking at. This very simple exercise shows and proofs that you can direct your attention toward any goal YOU like - but YOU have to actively do it. YOU need to control YOUR mind - because it is YOURS as much as YOU have sometimes in your past learned to control the use of your fingers. To typewrite, handwrite, eat, sign, play music, drive car, or anything YOU needed to learn. Mindcontrol is something we ALL need to learn more than most other topics we have learned in this material world. Control of your mind gives you control of your life and hence of your entire Future - Karma - Godrealization and more. Practice and you will succeed more and more - week after week -year after year. Mind control...

Later may be too late

How many ten thousand hours did you waste at school learning what you have learned dozen times before - the abc, math, geography, history, foreign languages, but how much survives from all that. How many ten thousand hours are we spending playing tennis, football, watching TV, doing nothing or just day dreaming If you have no precise idea, I recommend you warmly to take a calculator and find out how many days or years for example 50000 hours are. This is a reasonable time you may need for spiritual progress if you live consciously and keep going steadily on your spiritual path - without postponing to later what needs to be done today, NOW. whatever you do NOW - immediately - is done. You may then get NOW the feedback on any necessary improvement, or you may get NOW the improved situation in your life that you always have dreamed of. If you continue to do immediately - NOW - what needs to be done, it finally will become a powerful habit facilitating your entire life as well as your...

Magic words and thoughts

Proper use of this truth may make your life more peaceful and love filled, may make you life and your relationship to others more harmonious and life easier for all. This is an absolute truth with utmost importance to realize in your life. Whatever you think in regard to others or your self has the potential to come true, the potential of fulfillment. In all different situations of life there are manifold opportunities to properly use the power of magic of words and thoughts or your visual imagination. Learn to make use for the mutual benefit of all. If you understand by now the message, the importance of the magic of words, thoughts and imaginations, then you may find out where it all applies in your life and how to use it for the mutual benefit of all. it's a learning process that all souls, all beings are going through.

Traditions of the guru

If you have no guru, you may well ask How will I find him The answer is that you must just go on looking and following the path of tantra-yoga or any other system as a means to bring about greater levels of mental and physical harmony. This will accentuate your sensitivity and receptivity and eventually your guru will find you. We can never find the guru because we cannot recognize him. If we try to choose our own gum, we will choose according to our mental conditionings and projections. And if we choose a teacher who conforms to our present mental whims, then we will never be able to remove those whims, the very aspects of our personality which keep us in bondage. We should remain open, receptive and make personal efforts to tread the yogic path to mental harmony, breaking down current preconceptions. One way to do this is to hear satsang (spiritual teachings) of wise men whenever possible1. There is no need to make any commitment or confine yourself to one teacher or one belief,...

The importance of practice

Whatever you regard as meaningful in your life is your own business. We do not presume to want to change your beliefs through any type of dogmatic preaching. We are only interested in helping you to gain maximum happiness and fulfilment in life. To attain this there are various systems. The aim of this book is to guide you along your own path utilizing yoga. We are not concerned with the path you tread, only that you tread it as effectively as you can.

Divine relationships and communication

Any person can connect himself to God again. On his own and freely - any time - any where The door to God is within you and far out of the reach of anyone else but YOU. You can reconnect yourself anytime again to God - if you truly and sincerely decide so. This desire to get in contact with God - the Divine source of all Love and Bliss - will open your sahasrara chakra as seen below in the graphic. Any deep prayer, any sincere wish to be loved by God and please help me from the depth of your heart is sufficient to open again for all Love and Bliss from God. Then you need to to learn to practice this attitude continuously - throughout all your life - during all your activities of all kind. It is very easy to do so - very easy. More and more Divine Love will flow into your body, your mind, your emotions and all aspects of your being - freeing you more and more until you have reached oneness with God - in Love and freedom - eternally.

But at least most people are not directly affected or hurt by my thoughts and emotions you may say

Emotional injury that occurred in previous incarnation may be even more difficult to heal while being in a physical body than physical injuries. Medical doctors and healers need first to learn how to perceive and truly heal emotional injuries and blockages in the causal body caused by such past psycho-traumatic experiences in your life. However it is possible to heal any injury by the Divine power of God's Love and Bliss. This can be achieved directly by the person affected - for example by following spiritual traditions such like Kriya Yoga, Bhakti Yoga or any other suitable spiritual tradition or by asking for Divine assistance trough a healer or even best directly from God.

Start to love Love is Gods true nature Love is your true nature because you are child of God made to his image

Restart your life as if you were reincarnating at this point of life. Learn from past situations, from past mistakes , do something new and different by applying all the accumulated experiences of your past. Learn to look at your past mistakes as of lessons that you failed to understand or to learn successfully rather than calling them mistakes . There are but learning situations in life -NEVER can there be any true mistake - only missed lessons. Remember what you do at school when you fail an exam - you learn more and repeat the topic until you pass in a way that satisfies YOU. All life serves but to teach you how to behave like an adult and Divine Child of God - made to his image

Meditation practices for removing mental problems

The mere fact that you are conscious of the subconscious manifestations with a detached attitude is in itself a powerful weapon in eliminating the hold they have over your life. The mere recognition of them with awareness is sufficient to remove the underlying, mental disturbances from your mind. In fact you have almost no choice - the problems are automatically scrubbed from the mind. Many people practise meditational techniques and may have no overwhelming confrontation with fearful data, yet after some time they notice a great change in their attitude towards life. The cleaning has been occurring but in more subtle ways. Some people, on the other hand, are suddenly confronted with a great gush of their subconscious problems. They may even be unhappy for some time, but again the overall result will be greater contentment in life. The experiences that you will go through only you will know. But whatever 'garbage' you confront and exhaust will definitely be beneficial of this there is...

What are mental problems

Jung recognized this, for he wrote with devastating simplicity, yet directness and insight When conscious life has lost its meaning and its promise, then it is as though a panic breaks loose This sums up the state of most people's life. They are living an empty, meaningless life, without hope. So if you are in this position, then you have a mental problem, the most basic one that a human being can have. If the sense of meaninglessness is sufficiently overpowering, then you will take steps to resolve it. And there is meaning in life, in the life of each and every one of us, but you must find it out for yourself. If you forget the present emptiness in your life, then you are escaping ifyou try to cloud the question over with dogmatic assertions that there is meaning without really knowing it from the depths of your being, then you are still escaping. You must find out for yourself, through your own experience. The method is yoga. From this will come knowledge and understanding of your...

Growing into freedom

Less freedom is actually left in your life. The more you reduce your living expenses, the less you actually have to do to finance it, the more freedom is left for you, for your family, for recreation, time to spend with family and friends, to take care of all those needy ones around the world and just across the street from you. People need Love to be happy. To Love people you need time, to have time you need freedom. If you have the freedom to take your time whenever someone needs help to dissolve sadness, frustration, depression -YOU may need time to supply them with the Love and care they may need to be completely and really released and healed from their problems and feelings of loneliness, depression or helplessness. Every time a professional has to go out there to help someone is a defeat of society and culture, a defeat of your own Divinity. In a spiritually healthy society there is no need at all for psychiatrist, and similar professional services. Mankind itself is Divine and...

What are the different layers made of

Energies within your aura represent the sum of all your karma from this or any previous incarnation. These energies also cause attraction to other humans and situation similar or equal to your own aura to attract persons of similar karma. For example As long as you are greedy you may attract greedy of stingy people in all your life in the various situations. This is to make you feel and experience from outside what you cause to your environment and what you are within. You perceive and experience in your outside what you are inside.

Examples of modern slavery where you may find yourself being caught and imprisoned

If you want to enjoy freedom yourself, you may need to give freedom to ALL others before you can enjoy your freedom. Before reaching spiritual freedom you may need to attain physical freedom in your life, because the outside of your life is equal to the life within. Change your outside and within changes will occurs as a result of your efforts as well.

Meditation Rules for Practice

Sometimes the mind will be particularly disturbed. It will incessantly jump from one thought to the next, or be totally obsessed by a problem or some other emotional conflict in your life. An excellent method of overcoming this seemingly impossible situation, and in order to gain relaxation, is to chant a mantra over and over again. A good mantra is Aum, which under these circumstances should be chanted loudly and for as long as possible4. If you do this with intensity, it has an almost incredible calming influence on the mind. It is so simple yet very effective.

Subconscious Influences

This idea of the threefold Being is also applicable to the Individual-- as above so below. The I is the Being of the Individual, and the thought-world is its manifestation. It creates, preserves, and destroys--as it Will. Carry this idea with you, and realize that your individual thought-world is your own field of manifestation. In it you are constantly creating--constantly preserving--constantly destroying. And if you can destroy anything in your own thought-world you remove it from its field of activity, so far as you are concerned. And if you create anything in your own thought-world, you bring it into active being, so far as you are concerned. And if you preserve anything, you keep it by you in effect and full operation and influence in your life. This truth belongs to the higher phases of the subject, for its explanation is inextricably bound up in the explanation of the Thing-in-Itself --the Absolute and Its Manifestations. But even what we have said above, should give to...

Understanding how your emotions affect your diaphragm

Psychologically, people tend to use the diaphragm as a lid to bottle up their undigested or unwanted emotions of anger and fear. Chronic contraction of the diaphragm makes it inflexible and blocks the free flow of energy between the abdomen (the nether region of the bowels) and the chest (the feelings associated with the heart). Yogic breathing helps restore flexibility and function to the diaphragm and removes obstructions to the flow of physical and emotional energy. You can then experience liberation of your emotions, which can lead you to integrate them with the rest of your life.

The Manifestation Mantra and Meditation

Ara Kara is a supreme mantra capable of attracting desired outcomes into your life. The mantra Ara Kara is a powerful sound capable of altering the atomic structure of your mind. By understanding how these sounds can change your mind, you can learn to change your life by changing and regulating your mind. The sounds Ara Kara have the ability to attract everything to you. The Sound AH is the embodiment of desire. RA symbolizes the fire energy, and KA is an important principle of materiality. The sounds Ara Kara can transform a psychological reality into a material reality. When you vibrate with the sounds Ara Kara, your thoughts also begin to vibrate with the sounds Ara Kara. This is the key. Your thoughts will now have the ability to manifest in a three-dimensional form. The secret meditation for manifestation that I gave to Wayne Dyer and which he presented in his book Manifest Your Destiny is called the Ah Meditation. Time and again I hear stories of individuals manifesting cars,...

Suggested Further Resources

Mark Blanchard, Beginning Power Yoga for Couples (Spotlight Films, 1998). In this video, Mark Blanchard and a female companion demonstrate a complete beginning Power Yoga sequence. They practice a particularly vigorous style of yoga as they alternately demonstrate on one another how one partner can assist the other in performing the poses in the sequence. Blanchard emphasizes that yoga is about union, which can mean improving your union with your partner by learning and relating to one another in new ways. While the focus is on a romantic partner, you can easily adapt the assisted postures demonstrated for use with anyone in your life romantic or otherwise.

Removal of Mental Problems Part

The more unhappiness and dissatisfaction that you feel in your life, the more mental problems you have. Ask yourself this question and give yourself an honest answer. From your answer you can decide whether you are without mental problems or whether you do in fact have them. This doesn't mean you should not be angry or have other strong emotions, for one can still act out these emotions and also feel a sense of happiness. In fact, there are innumerable cases of great yogis and sages who have shown great anger, yet they have still maintained their feeling ofjoy in life. It is not the situation or the expressions you show that we are talking about it is whether or not you feel a sense of wonder, happiness and contentment throughout your daily life. Ifyou don't, then you have some form of mental problem. If you admit that probably you do have problems, obvious or not obvious, then you will not be alone -you will be accompanied by most of the world's population. Having admitted the...

Daily Practice Program

In this lesson we have given more tangible methods of rooting out mental problems. That is, meditation techniques in general, desensi-tization and autosuggestion. These practices are intended for practical application not merely for accumulated knowledge, so we strongly urge you to put them into practice. If you do this, wonderful changes can occur in your life.

Hatha Yoga Laghoo Shankhaprakshalana

An intestinal system which is permanently overloaded and blocked brings about adverse, disagreeable and dampening consequences on a person's life1. Ifyou suffer, or have previously suffered from constipation, then there is no need to convince you of its negative repercussions you would already know from your own bitter experience. Laghoo shankhaprakshal-ana is an excellent, yet simple, method of encouraging a good bowel movement, and for generally washing out the intestines. It is particularly useful for people who suffer from constipation, though it can also be utilized to thoroughly flush out the digestive system. It can be done daily as part ofyour early morning routine, or it can be performed occasionally whenever it isjustified. The practice only takes a few minutes to carry out, yet this short time is usefully spent, for the practice will help you to remove torpor and dullness from your life, and to replace it with energy, interest and optimism.

Change Your Bad Money Karma

Why do you hurt for money There are many reasons why you don't have money. Let me begin from the beginning of your life. Your mother has just delivered you. But, unfortunately, you are not born with a silver spoon. One's birth circumstances with money constraints have serious consequences. As a child growing into adulthood, you are not going to have an easy life unless your parents do something to improve their finances. But as the book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad indicates, most of our dads (including mine) had no clue as to how to make money.

The Art and Science of Relaxation

Systematic process of relaxation techniques have changed their whole attitude towards themselves, to other people and life in general. This transformation may only last for an hour or so, but it leaves a wonderful impression on the mind, and helps to permanently encourage a more relaxed attitude towards life. It is a starting point from which you can fully begin to enjoy mental and physical relaxation as a normal part of your life, whether during intense activity, sleep or whatever, and not as something that you experience only occasionally, perhaps during yoga practices. We want your life to be an expression of relaxation and joy. The way is by cultivating the ability to relax under all conditions an d at all times. Everything you practise in yoga brings about relaxation and a thorough revitalization of the body and the mind, whether it is by means of asanas, pranayama, medita-tional practices or whatever. Yet there are some special techniques which are very simple, which specially...

Divine Grace through Nadi Astrology

There may be records for your life written in mysterious ancient palm leaves. This chapter may not appeal to everyone, but there are some people forwhom this information will be a God-send. Literally. There are some people who are seeking a deeper explanation about their karma, what they did in a past life that has caused what they are dealing with now. So consider, have you ever wished for answers about why some things in your life look the way they do and what you could do to remedy some of your difficulties Finding Your Leaf, Changing Your Life It is not enough to know your destiny, whether it is good or bad. An important step in creating a new life is the ability to change and reconstruct it as you wish it to be. This is a yogic art. So the temples recommended by the Nadis are dripping with space energy from the Siddhas. This is why remedies and prayers performed in them are so effective. There is Infinite Intelligence and Compassion present in the Divine radiations of these...

The Karma Busting Mantra

Use Thiru Neela Kantam to erase negative events from your life. When self-help people tell me that you create your own reality, I tell them this is only true in a limited sense. There have been many self-help books, but how many people have been able to turn around their life They have been reading hundreds and hundreds of books on self-help which all say you create your own reality and the Universe is the limit. You are a totally unlimited being. Yet, how many of you have dramatically changed your life What is the percentage of people who have been able to change their life One percent Two percent The most important thing that you have to understand is that you cannot use your human mind to change your life. Mentally, you can go on making affirmations, writing affirmations, making promises that I won't repeat this, I will change this, I won't repeat this behavior. But then you will find that you are in the same cloud, in the same place, in the same situation. Why is that Because of...

Coping with Loss and Grief

Printable Mother Day Poems Preschool

We aren't saying you should take up skydiving or bungee jumping or water skiing (unless you really want to). But we are saying that your life is what you make it, and those who think they can't make much of their lives aren't using their imaginations. Anyone can find meaning, fulfillment, and joy in life. But you won't find it if you don't look for it. The first part of every yoga pose is visualization, and it's amazing where that visualization can lead. This can be the best time of your life

Tools for Advanced Ritual and Practice

Rudraksha beads, which symbolize Lord Shiva, increase the power of your mantras. Crystal beads, which symbolize the Goddess, store the spiritual power contained in the mantras. Lord Shiva gives spiritual evolution, and the Goddess gives material possessions. According to the sacred scriptures of India, the Universe is created when the masculine (Shiva) and feminine (Shakti) elements come together. The process of creation of matter occurs when the male energy is ignited by the female energy. When you use malas with both rudraksha and crystal, you are strengthening the balance between spirituality and materiality in your life. Using both these types of beads will give you the very best results in chanting mantras. In India, fire is the messenger between human beings and the gods. Fire is called Agni. Agni himself is a god. He creates gold out of mud and is pure energy. Lighting a candle brings in powerful spiritual energies and immediately transforms your space. I have never seen a...

In Search of the Sacred Svadhyaya

We aren't saying you should give up your other pursuits and devote your life to the minute study of ancient religious scriptures (unless you think that sounds like fun). However, reading the sacred texts of our world, or even just those of your own religion, can help you get in touch with the spiritual journey our species has undergone since we were first able to comprehend the concepts of spirituality, divinity, and the universe.

Parivrttaikapada Sirsasana

The best yoga education provides a solid foundation from which students can grow into their highest potential. Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training prepares people to become successful yoga teachers by mastering the essentials of yoga How do we do this Our unique inquiry-based approach guides you to understand the technology and language of yoga on the mat while learning how to incorporate the philosophy of yoga into the rest of your life.

The One Minute Meditation

As I have stated, the most important mantra in this book is OM NA MA SHI VA YA (Om Nama Shivaya). Even if you don't use any other techniques from the book, do use this mantra. It is a Divine tool that can not only improve every aspect of your life, but also improve conditions on the entire planet. There is a powerful meditation you can do using the mantra Om Nama Shivaya. The One Minute Meditation, when practiced even just once a day, will create positive change in your life. For greater power, you can do it twice a day, from one to five times each session (one to five minutes). You can do the One Minute Meditation with your eyes open or closed. It can be done silently, out loud for greater focus, or both.

Numbers to Change Your Destiny

However, she never told her husband about the dream and how she got those numbers. The husband came home, but he had forgotten to play the lotto. That night the prize was announced. The winning numbers were the same ones she saw in her dream. She ended up divorcing the guy. The way that numbers can change your life is amazing. Use the special number grid included in this chapter. It contains nine numbers and they correspond to the nine planets in Vedic astrology. To bring positive change into your life, put these numbers in your consciousness. Inscribe the numbers on a thin copper plate. You can get a copper plate as thin as paper from a local craft or hobby store. Put it on your meditation altar. Repeat each number nine times, both horizontally and vertically, with your eyes closed. Offer candlelight, incense, flowers and some raisins. Pray to the numbers.

Pranayama Breathing Exercises

You can learn a lot about life by paying attention to your breathing. Right now, take a deep breath in and hold it. Feel the increasing discomfort that builds as you resist the natural impulse to let go. When it becomes too uncomfortable, release your breath and notice the immediate relief that you feel. Holding on to anything when it is time to let go creates distress in your body and mind. Now take a breath, fully empty your lungs, and hold your breath. Become aware of the increasing discomfort that develops when you resist something from entering your life that you are meant to accept. Notice the relief that you feel as you take your next breath.

Removal of mental problems

This indifference and lack of emotional response to these psychic visions in deeper states of relaxation will tend to carry over into daily life. In this way, things that previously caused fear or conflict or whatever will cease to do so. The scourge of subconscious fears etc. will cease to plague you and make your life unhappy. Remember, the purpose of meditational practices such as chidakasha dharana is not only to remove your gross mental problems, it is also to dive into the depths of the mind. The psychic manifestation of subconscious mental problems arise only from the superficial layers of the mind. The grosser problems exist in seed form just below the surface of the mind ocean. You will confront them in the earlier stages of meditational practices. The eventual aim is to go much deeper into the depths of the mind. Once these levels are contacted and experienced, your life will shake at the very foundations, not catastrophically but with joy.

Message Of Brahmacharya

The vital energy, the Veerya, which supports your life, is a great treasure for you. It is the quintessence of blood. Brahmacharya is truly a precious jewel. It is the most effective medicine or nectar which destroys diseases, decay and death. This Atma or immortal soul is verily the nature of Brahmacharya. Atma resides in Brahmacharya. Veerya is the essence of life, thought, intelligence and consciousness. When the Veerya is once lost, it can never be recouped in your lifetime by your taking any amount of Badam, nervine tonics, milk, cream, Makaradhvaja, etc. This fluid, when preserved carefully, serves as a master-key for you to open the doors of elysian bliss or the realms of God or Atma and for all sorts of higher achievements in life. By Brahmacharya alone the Rishis of yore have conquered death and attained the immortal abode of joy and bliss.

The Indispensable Mantram Nama Shivaya

The most important mantra in this book is Om Nama Shivaya. If you do nothing else suggested in this book, you should chant this mantra every day. Om Nama Shivaya will open new ways to make money, be healthy, and improve your life. It will give you Divine Intelligence to know what to do to manifest your desires. It will do a world of good beyond belief. It will help you to be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. It harmonizes you with all the elemental energies. Shivaya represents higher life and Shivaya gives the awareness of the Divine existence, which is the right of every human soul. When saying Shiva (pronounced shee-va), know that Shi is energy, Enlightenment, wisdom, all knowingness. Va is material energy. You are a material being. Ya is space energy. When chanting this part of the mantra, remember that the portion with the sound Shiva will bring a tremendous amount of energy. Never forget the sound Shiva. This is the greatest mantra. Cultivate the habit...

Kriya Yoga An Introduction

Not normally aware, it is then that you can start to eradicate the phobias and fears, complexes and tensions which make your life unhappy. It is these subconscious, negative mental samskaras (impressions) which continually act below the surface of your normal consciousness and cause mental disturbances. Often you feel unhappy and depressed. Sometimes you may know, but generally you don't understand why you feel this way, only that you do. The cause lies with these fears, phobias, bad memories, etc. By becoming aware of them, by delving into the mind you automatically start to neutralize their negative influence on your life. If you don't know what the root cause of your unhappiness is, how can you rectify the situation The more of these problems that you remove, the happier your life will become. This is also the way to cure emotional imbalances, nervous disorders and all the different types of psychological problems that plague people throughout the world. Other methods of making...

Finding Your Personal Guru

You've heard the word, we're sure, but you may be confused as to what a guru actually is. A guru is a spiritual teacher. You can have many spiritual teachers in your life, but traditionally, you have only one guru, and you attach, spiritually, not only to the guru but to the guru's lineage (in other words, the particular tradition out of which that guru comes, what he or she has studied, what school or branch of yoga he or she is associated with). Literally, the word guru means dispeller of darkness, and that is the guru's role to help you dispel your own spiritual darkness. But you may not need a guru at least not in the traditional sense. For some, a guru is a crucial part of the yoga journey, but for others, a teacher is the perfect guide. A qualified yoga teacher you truly connect with can be your most valuable resource. A great yoga teacher can change your life and improve your practice of yoga far beyond what you could figure out on your own. And we all have a guru within. Most...

Definition of freedom

When you have truly realized absolute freedom in your life, then you certainly know exactly how it feels to be free and what freedom is. To circumscribe or define the status of absolute Divine freedom may be difficult. Freedom is, if any day, any second of each days time you can do exactly what you want, what you decide, you can be where you want to be, then you are free. The vast majority of the world's population at present has little or no freedom at all, without being put to jail. Their mind, country, job or home are their jails. Most of the world's population have put themselves into jail without realizing it.

Parivrtta Trikonasana

The best yoga education provides a solid foundation from which students can grow into their highest potential. Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training prepares people to become successful yoga teachers by mastering the essentials of yoga. How do we do this Our unique inquiry-based approach guides you to understand the technology and language of yoga on the mat, while learning how to incorporate the philosophy of yoga into the rest of your life.

Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation for Evolutionary Change

Kirtin Kriya, often referred to as SA TA NA MA meditation, is the most important meditation in Kundalini Yoga. It was one of the first meditations taught by Yogi Bhajan and remains today as a foundation meditation recommended for every student of Kundalini yoga. Yogi Bhajan says that if you can do only one meditation, this is it. It does everything for you in the order that you need. It is your teacher. And as you practice it, you will come to realize that it is your best friend. Whatever you need at the moment, it will readjust and align you to bring balance into your mind and thus your life. This meditation is given for everything from breaking habits to achieving emotional balance. I knew one woman who had been very emotionally upset for over two weeks. Finally she went to a quiet spot in the woods and did 31 minutes of Kirtin Kriya and voila, she felt relaxed and whole again. It helps you focus and center yourself. It is a catalyst for change because it is a very powerful...

Cardiovascular Disease

Your heart is the pump that keeps your body running. When your heart begins to lose efficiency or fails, your life is in immediate jeopardy. The best course of action is to prevent heart disease by eating a healthy, low-fat diet and by exercising regularly, but even perfectly healthy individuals are sometimes struck by cardiovascular disease. Maybe it's a matter of genetics. Sometimes the reason is a mystery. The treatment

To Activate The Central Nervous System And Stimulate The Pituitary Gland

Stick your tongue out as far as it will go, when it reaches its maximum, clap your hands in front of your chest. Pull your tongue back in. Repeat the tongue movement and the clap. Pull your tongue in and continue. When you stretch your tongue in this manner, the little cord under the tongue is pulled and that pull stimulates the central nervous system, which is the control center of your life. 3 minutes. Inhale, stick the tongue out to the maximum, hold the breath for 10 seconds, and exhale. Repeat this two more times to complete the exercise.

Metta Karuna On The

As important as it is to practice metta karuna as a formal seated meditation, you also need to take it off the cushion into your life, and your asana practice can serve as a wonderful bridge. To bring metta karuna into your asana practice, recline in a gentle, supported backbend, with a rolled blanket or bolster supporting the lower tips of the shoulder blades, to encourage greater awareness of the heart center. Tune in to how you're feeling as you start practice, not judging whether the heart is heavy or light, or whether you feel nourished or vulnerable in this position. Simply attend to how you are, and then set your intention for practice by repeating the phrases of metta karuna. As you move through your asana practice, if you're practicing backbcnds, shoulder-opening stretches, and twists, you may find that a physically opened heart center allows for easier access to loving feelings. By mindfully moving through the poses, you can feel how the quality of the heart changes.

Take Control of Your Thoughts

Everything that happens in your life depends upon how you spend your thought energy. Everything that happens in your life depends upon how you spend your thought energy. Everything starts with your thinking process. So you should constantly be absorbed in looking at what you are thinking. Whatever you think becomes a reality in the invisible space-time complex of your soul, and then it manifests after an appropriate lapse of time. Everything is created by your mind. So you have to become very, very responsible in handling your mind, because whatever you think is going to become a reality. Your life is a result of your own thoughts in past lives. You have to become very, very careful about what you think, because what you think is going to manifest as reality. Here are some Divine principles to help bring more money to you. As your goal, you put out a reasonable amount of money. You should not be greedy, but select an amount that can give you a reasonably good life so that you do not...

The fundamental mechanics of meditation practice

It is very easy to give the wrong impression about meditation and meditational practices. It is possible for everyone to know the joy of meditation, yet at the same time effort is required. It would be most surprising if a person starts to meditate on the first attempt. In fact we have never known this to happen. Regular and sincere practice and time are required. The time depends on the individual, on his problems, on his dedication and other factors. But all effort is worthwhile, more so than anything else you are likely to do in your life. So don't expect instant meditation but persevere in your practices.

Flow of the Kundalini Shakti flowing from God trough all dimensions of human consciousness and returning to God All

Lack of common understanding of your spiritual role in this incarnation. Suppression of free development of the Divinity of your soul and its expression within your personality and all parts thereof, i.e. physical life including your job, family, recreation, your emotions in all aspects of your life, your thoughts including your mental work during job or recreation. Denial of your body or physical existence at all. Denial of your personality in regard size, shape or sexuality of your physical body. Auto aggression toward present body or personality. Committed suicide in previous incarnations. Anger toward self and or others. may almost completely block this Chakra, denial of Divinity of your self, denial of your soul to completely express its Divinity within all aspects of your life. Development of your Divinity within is the only goal of your existence and being. Learn to express perfect divinity in all and any situations of life toward everyone and anyone - toward the entire...

Pleasant and unpleasant experiences

You may see frightening monsters, giant spiders and so many other things. There is almost no limit to the types of apparitions that can erupt from the mind. These are the expressions of the hidden negative aspects of the subconscious mind. Problems that were previously unknown will erupt into conscious perception. This too is a necessary part of the cleaning process of the mind. But you should proceed slowly with your practices if the confrontation with these gruesome mental explosions is too intense, then you should reduce or stop your practice for some time. As these subconscious forces arise you should not resist them. Always remember that there is an end to these disturbing influences of the mind. Therefore, tiy to continue your practices don't give up. Let them come and be aware. Let them bubble up without suppres-ion. This is important. Remember the more you experience and exhaust these negative aspects of the mind the better, for the mind will become...

Walking Yogas Eightfold Path

If you're the kind of person who likes a nice, clean set of rules to live by, this is the chapter for you In Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, the eight limbs of yoga are enumerated. These limbs provide a structure for your yoga practice and your daily life. They are designed to help you along the yoga path. One very important thing to remember about the eight limbs of yoga They are not commandments or laws They are more like guidelines for living. But if you don't follow the guidelines, it doesn't constitute any sort of sin. The Yoga Police won't come to your house and arrest you. Success with your yoga practice will simply be easier if you live your life according to Patanjali's suggestions.

Develop the Positive Thinking Habit with the Thoughts and Rituals Scorecard

As the ancient seers have taught, you become what you think. So becoming conscious of the many different thoughts you have each day is a very important step in changing your life. You will be most effective in gaining control over your thoughts if you maintain a daily scorecard of your thought experiences, which you will summarize at the end of each month. Make a copy of the scorecard in this chapter. Each day rate the intensity level of the positive and negative thought experiences you had on the scorecard below, using a scale of 1 through 10 (1 weakest, 10 strongest). At the end of the month summarize your daily scores for that month. Also check the amount of times each day that you performed the noted rituals and remembered the noted thoughts. These rituals are all discussed in this book. It becomes quite interesting, and sometimes surprising, to learn just what holds your attention throughout each day and over extended periods of time. As you review your scorecards, you will begin...

Yoga for Boys and Teens

Laurent de Brunhoff, Babar's Yoga for Elephants (Harry W Abram, 2002). This book was created by the extraordinarily talented and prolific originator of the Babar series of children's books, Laurent de Brunhoff, who maintains a daily yoga practice himself. In this whimsically engaging book, Babar shares 15 yoga asanas and stretches sure to appeal to the child in your life, or to the child in you. Lisa Trivell, I Can't Believe It's Yoga for Kids (Heatherleigh Press, 2000). Written by a certified yoga instructor and fitness professional with experience teaching yoga in public and private schools, this book features kids performing yoga in a cool way that may help inspire the children who are important in your life.

Astrological and Other Remedies

Astrology has enjoyed much popularity in the West for many years. The 6,000-year-old Hindu astrology system differs from Western astrology in several key areas. Whereas Western astrology focuses on personality and character analysis, Hindu or Vedic astrology (also called Jyotish) focuses on life circumstances and on events that are destined to occur in your life. Hindu astrology is based upon the philosophy of karma, with the premise that your current life is the result of actions you have had in previous births. Hindu astrology readings also differ from Western astrology in that they include recommendations for remedies to alleviate or mitigate karmic circumstances and events. These remedies include the prescription of specific gemstones to be worn touching your body, special mantras or rituals such as homas, also called pujas poojas or yagnas yagyas yajnas. There are many excellent Hindu astrologers in India and now in the West as well. We also provide astrological counseling...

Meditation Letting Go of Fear Opening the Heart

The following meditation will help you to see and release your fears. It will help you to open up to give and receive love fully. And then you will be able to participate joyously, completely, and with perfect presence in union not only with your own soul but also with your sexual partner and other people with whom you are intimate in your life. Now take the time to witness what is present in your heart. Imagine that you are entering a closet that is full of all kinds of things that you've been putting in there during your entire life. Feel what fears and anxieties fill your heart area. Be aware of them. Don't judge them or criticize them. Just be aware of them. Realize that you don't need to hold on to these fears any longer, and let go of them. You don't need them. Say to them, I acknowledge and bless you, and release you. Be aware of how your heart center feels. Does it feel fuller, more open, and lighter Now be aware of what good things are being held in your heart closet. Are...

How to establish peace within and around yourself

Peace and freedom are the nutrients for love to grow and a feeling of well being to develop Peace is one of the fundamental basis for real happiness in your life How could such a situation come to existence at first It always boils down to the very same point. It is your Ego that has caused this situation. The lack of Love and missing capability to love all any time and in all situations. If you want to defend your position, mental fighting and emotional turmoil may be the result. Any kind of fighting for a particular position, whether verbal, mental, emotional or physical causes Karma and emotional stress. Many people nowadays are killing emotional stress by using drugs, alcohol or tranquilizer. This however simply postpones the real work of re-establishing peace through love to any later date, even any later incarnation. Medication always postpones a possible solution to stress, a change of life, change of attitude toward others, change of behavior toward others, even a change of...

Partnership and divorce

If your life has been empty of any spiritual values so far, you may start to ask yourself questions about life from the point of view of the absolute, the eternal life. Ask about life and death, about truth, who created everything on earth and beyond and the more you ask yourself such questions the more answers you will find and the more interesting life may become to you. The more you understand about the real meaning of life on earth the easier everything is getting for you and the more sense your past and present is making to you. Your life starts to have a real content and starts to be a learning adventure rather then repeated suffering and work. You will start to learn to understand the roles others are playing in your life and start to love them all at once. Life is fun, life is a game. Learn to play your role in this game and start to enjoy life. Christianity and some other religious cultures have caused hundreds of millions of suffering, fighting partnerships by putting...

Meditation Practices for Visualization

At first you may find this practice difficult. Please do not worry. Most people will have this problem, especially those who are intellectually inclined. You have been habituated to thinking only in terms of words, but with practice and time you will find this technique easier and easier to perform. Furthermore, as you relax more and harmonize your life through yoga practice, you will also find that the practice becomes progressively easier.

Piece Pick From the Various Different Styles of Yoga

After taking stock of your yoga needs, maybe you realize you don't have to huff and puff to feel like you're a real man doing real yoga. Maybe a more relaxing style of yoga that will help you strengthen and stretch more gently is what you're looking for. Then you might want to consider one of the following styles of yoga. Practicing one of the foundational approaches to yoga may be right for you You can select from yoga taught by Ananda Yoga, the Himalayan Institute, Integral Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, or, for a more contemporary adaptation, Kripalu Yoga. You might also wish to investigate Gary Krafstow's Viniyoga, which can help you fine-tune your practice to wherever you may be in your life's journey.

Matsyendrasana Spinal Twist Lord of the Fish Pose

Close your eyes for a few moments and put your attention on your spine. Envision the life force flowing up from the base of your spine through your pelvis, into your abdomen, up through your heart, through your throat, between your eyes, and into your head. Imagine the thousand-petal lotus flower at your crown chakra opening. Activate the intention to live your life from a more expanded state of awareness as a result of energy flowing freely through your body.

The mind as a perfect reflector

Will have vast implications and repercussions on your life. Of course, the experiences we have described will happen in the future, but it is possible for you, and anyone else who cares to make the effort to explore the mi nd, to know and understand it. All that is required is effort - nothing more. It sounds simple, but continual perseverance and effort will be necessary. But once you begin to spring-clean the mind, then you can only benefit by becoming more aware you will be able to tune in with higher knowledge. The choice is yours. Either polish the reflecting surface of your mind or allow it to remain disordered and unable to reflect or receive that which is beyond.

The form of the supreme

It is when you start to feel this bhakti towards everything that you start to harmonize with others and with yourself. It is under these circumstances that you will gain happiness from the happiness of others. There is a saying that goes something like to find joy in another's joy, is the secret of happiness. It doesn't mean that you have to walk around joking and laughing with everyone. This is more likely to be show and falsity than anything else. It means living your life, but being tolerant of others, trying to understand others, trying to increase the happiness level of those people that you meet if it is possible. A man's life has meaning

Opening Up to Experiences

(10) One way to measure the effectiveness of your meditation practice is the changes and quality of your life. Can you sleep better Are you happier Are you less afraid If so, you are making progress. One student reports that he got a job and can now support his family. His meditation is working for him.

Bhakti combined with karma yoga

You can work and play in any way that comes naturally, but always remember your mantra, your guru or your personal deity or whatever. And it is bhava that is the keyword. This means intense feeling of devotion. It is this that can supercharge karma yoga and transform your life.

Spiritual Evolution

Have left behind you unconscious rebirth, and, after you have passed out of your present body and after a period of spiritual rest - you will not be reborn, until you are ready and willing, and you will then carry with you a continuous recollection of all that you choose to carry with you into your new life. So cease this fretting about forced rebirth, and stop worrying about your fancied loss of consciousness in future lives. Spiritual attainment is slow and arduous, but every inch gained is so much further on, and you can never slip back, nor lose the slightest part of what you've gained.

Life and Yoga

THERE are two necessities of Nature's workings which seem always to intervene in the greater forms of human activity, whether these belong to our ordinary fields of movement or seek those exceptional spheres and fulfilments which appear to us high and divine. Every such form tends towards a harmonised complexity and totality which again breaks apart into various channels of special effort and tendency, only to unite once more in a larger and more puissant synthesis. Secondly, development into forms is an imperative rule of effective manifestation yet all truth and practice too strictly formulated becomes old and loses much, if not all, of its virtue it must be constantly renovated by fresh streams of the spirit revivifying the dead or dying vehicle and changing it, if it is to acquire a new life. To be perpetually reborn is the condition of a material immortality. We are in an age, full of the throes of travail, when all forms of thought and activity that have in themselves any strong...

And group members

Later on during the course of life, some or all of the Karma may expire or the forces of the remaining Karma toward other persons outside this relationship may become stronger than the one between the two. This may now constitute the beginning of a change in life for one or both of the two souls involved. One or both may start to orient themselves toward other people, eventually toward another single person. The person having the next most important Karma with that soul or just a person helping - usually helping the weaker one - out of the present situation to master the change of life and helping to reorient in life after having gained the new freedom from the previous partner. Such a helping person may be called catalyst. He appears suddenly in the life of a person, does his job and disappears again. He may remain just a very good friend or totally disappears out of sight for the remainder of this incarnation. Someone just coming into your life, getting you out of your apparent...

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