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Have you ever wondered why more people don't like you as much as you feel they should? Are you a nice person that simply doesn't get the attention and love from other people that you should? Believe it or not, this is not your fault, and it's nothing about you! All you have to do is find the method to use with people to make them like you, and have NO idea why they like you so much. The method is called Automagnetism. Automagnetism is the way that you carry yourself that suggests things to people's minds that makes them like you without ever knowing way. You will be able to set yourself apart once you use the Likeability Blueprint; people won't know what hit them! All that it takes is a little bit of solid effort, and you can be on your way to getting people all over the place to like you! Continue reading...

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Aspects of our human experience such as being at peace, having loving relationships, and simply enjoying life. Yoga can teach us that these experiences ultimately are not dependent on things outside of ourselves such as having things go just right or winning the admiration of others.

The Story of Siddhartha

For all his precautions, however, the king failed. The selected day arrives. The prince leaves the palace in a chariot, escorted by Channa, his charioteer. The people, vigorous and colorfully array ed, line the streets. Siddhartha is dazzled by the beauty and admiration of the crowd. Suddenly, however, there appears a half-naked man, covered with oozing sores, emaciated from illness, collapsed on the ground. Siddhartha stops the chariot and inquires of Channa what that might be. Is that a human being Channa replies that he is indeed a human, but that he is ill. Siddhartha asks what it means to be so ill Is this some sort of punishment Channa replies that it is not. What has happened to him could happen to any of us. Even to me Even to you, oh prince.

The Exoteric Theory Of Breath

The blood thus purified and oxygenated is carried back to the heart, again rich, red and bright, and laden with life-giving properties and qualities. Upon reaching the left auricle of the heart, it is forced into the left ventricle, from whence it is again forced out through the arteries on its mission of life to all parts of the system. It is estimated that in a single day of twenty-four hours, 35,000 pints of blood traverse the capillaries of the lungs, the blood corpuscles passing in single file and being exposed to the oxygen of the air on both of their surfaces. When one considers the minute details of the process alluded to, he is lost in wonder and admiration at Nature's infinite care and intelligence.

Befriending Your Body

You will not feel abandoned or abused. You will learn to love yourself. You will be able to heal yourself. You will be able to manifest. You will develop a powerful presence and charisma. You will know what to do because you will be able to listen to your soul. You will love being alive at every moment. Your body will become your best friend.

The names of Shri Krishna English

Shri Krishna

You envelop our sisters' chastity in Draupadi's saree. You adorn our brothers with valour and chivalry. You are the flute player of collective charisma. You play rasa with the Sahaja gopis. You are the friend of the Sudhama yogi. You make the Energy circulate through everyone. You establish the link with collectivity. You are the collective Consciousness of the Atma. You break the pitcher that covers the ego. You dissolve ego in etheric Consciousness. You dispel superego in witnessing Consciousness. You feed the roots of the Tree of Life in the brain. You enlighten the cells of the brain. You crown the consciousness of the twice-born. You sustain Adi Shakti's throne in the brain. You are the Lord of inconceivable Majesty. You are the Witness of Your own Bliss. You rule over the ocean of Amrut. You reside at the parting of Shri Adi Shakti's Hair. You lead the play of recognition of Shri Adi Shakti Nirmala Devi. You establish on this earth the dazzling Glory of Shri Adi Shakti Nirmala...

Bikrams Yoga Yoga to the Rich and Famous

In the 1970s when he began to offer yoga classes in Los Angeles, California. A handsome and charismatic young man who, at the age of 11, was the youngest champion in the National India Yoga Competition, Bikram quickly gained prominence in the United States as the yogi to the rich and powerful. Indeed, his roster of students includes a large number of well-known people, including entertainers such as Shirley MacLaine, athletes such as John McEnroe and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and a host of politicians. More recently, you may find that you more frequently see a Bikram's Yoga studio near you Beginning in 1994, Bikram began certifying other teachers in his method. Since that time, he has trained several thousand teachers and is currently certifying 500 to 600 practitioners a year through the Yoga College of India, which he founded. His work has expanded well beyond California so that there are now more than 350 affiliated Yoga Colleges of India throughout the world.

Our Inner Journey Tuning In

In its purest form, desire energy translates into charisma and magnetism. To cultivate desire energy we again have to focus on the sensations in our bodies and practice loving what we are feeling. This helps us contain our energy, which makes us a magnet. Being present to the peaceful Earth energy and indulging in how wonderful it feels to be at peace in our bodies is a great way to cultivate presence and power.

The influence of asanas on ones mental outlook

Firstly, asanas greatly influence the functioning ofthe endocrine system. This system exerts vast control over our lives. It carries out an uncountable number of indispensable functions within the body and it influences our physical appearance, emotional outlook and in fact much of our behaviour and attitude towards life. A person who has a healthy endocrine system is generally optimistic, clear in thought and positive in action. A person with a system that is out of balance will tend to be unhealthy, pessimistic and either excessively active or inactive physically and mentally. Endocrinology is a very interesting science encompassing reproduction, digestion, emotional reactions and in fact all aspects of life.

Develop the Positive Thinking Habit with the Thoughts and Rituals Scorecard

To add a little extra momentum to your transformation process, identify a personal goal for yourself within the category you have identified for each month. Pick something that would have the greatest effect on every area of your life. For example, in my Personal Transformation Program, just listed in my previous chapter, month one focuses on personality and physical appearance. A personal goal might be to lose a certain amount of weight exercise regularly change something about the way you dress or look notice whenever you are acting controlling with others, or are fearful, angry or jealous.

The Secret Of Yoga

Which remains in the heart which God alone can give. Here is an account of one of his samadhis given by Rama-Krishna Paramahamsa himself One day I found that my mind was soaring high in samadhi along a luminous path. It soon transcended the stellar universe and entered the subtler region of ideas. As it ascended higher and higher, I found on both sides of the way ideal forms of gods and goddesses. The mind then reached the outer limits of that region, where a luminous barrier separated the sphere of relative existence from that of the Absolute. Crossing that barrier, the mind entered the transcendent realm, where no corporeal being was visible. Even the gods dared not look into that sublime realm, and were content to keep their seats far below. But the next moment I saw seven venerable sages seated there in samadhi. It occurred to me that these sages must have surpassed not only men but even the gods in knowledge and holiness, in renunciation and love. Lost in admiration, I was...

Karma Yoga Part

It is very easy, however, to deceive yourself into thinking that you are practicing karma yoga, whereas it is really false karma yoga. This leads to delusion and there is absolutely no change in your being. Many people perform various types of philanthropic work they donate huge sums of money to trusts and benevolent societies, or they organize charities, social services, etc. Of course, these acts bring many material benefits to others in this sense they are positive and worthwhile actions. But at the same time, these benefactors don't necessarily achieve meditative experiences. Why The reason is simple they are often doing 'selfless work' for a selfish purpose, for an ulterior end, perhaps for admiration or status.

The Creative Will

In the Hindu classic, the Mahabarata, Brahma created the most beautiful female being ever known, and called her Tillotama. He presented her in turn to all the gods, in order to witness their wonder and admiration. Siva's desire to behold her was so great that it developed in him four faces, in succession, as she made the tour of the The student of Nature wonders the more and is astonished the less, the more conversant he becomes with her operations but of all the perennial miracles she offers to his inspection, perhaps the most worthy of his admiration is the development of a plant or of an animal from its embryo. Examine the recently laid egg of some common animal, such as a salamander or a newt. It is a minute spheroid in which the best microscope will reveal nothing but a structureless sac, enclosing a glairy fluid, holding granules in suspension. But strange possibilities lie dormant in that semi-fluid globule. Let a moderate supply of warmth reach its watery cradle, and the...

Duties Of Womanhood

Modern women should draw inspiration from their lives and try to tread their path. As long as such characters continue to exercise their influence upon the lives and character of Indian ladies, so long they will be looked upon with admiration and reverence by their sisters of other countries.


Let us take an example to show how this identification can lead to unhappiness and mental disturbances. Consider an actor. He totally identifies himself with his role as an actor a fine physique, features, an engaging personality and a manly and melodious voice. He takes great care to keep himself in good condition, in keeping with his role. He may even practise exercises as a means of staying in good shape. Yet, inevitably, nature takes its course and as the years pass he will notice clearly that his youthfulness is disappearing. He painfully realizes that he is losing his distinctive actor's features. His physical condition declines, his face loses its freshness, his voice will lose its depth. He will probably look at himself in the mirror every day, perhaps for hours on end, becoming despondent and may even take futile steps to check or counteract the decline by taking a facelift etc. He will become depressed, for his conception of himself is fast disappearing in front of his very...

The Power Of Charisma

The Power Of Charisma

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