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The experience that a woman has during childbirth shapes how the rest of her child-raising experience goes, in many ways. A good birth can have a huge effect on how good you feel about your child, whereas a bad birth can often lead to feelings of sadness or PDST-type symptoms due to the pain and struggle of the birth experience. However, you don't need to worry about that now, because the information in this book gives you ALL of the experience and expert advice that you need in order to have a really amazing birth, that really marked that day as the truly special day that it is. This book teaches you how to use natural, holistic remedies to heal yourself during pregnancy in order to make sure that you feel your best during the whole birth experience. You can also learn everything you need to know about natural birth Everything you need to know to have a great pregnancy and birth is in this guide! Read more here...

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All of the information that the author discovered has been compiled into a downloadable book so that purchasers of Bump To Birth can begin putting the methods it teaches to use as soon as possible.

This ebook does what it says, and you can read all the claims at his official website. I highly recommend getting this book.

The Movement For Birthing

More and more research is showing that having your baby naturally can help both you AND your child later in life, and cause a better pregnancy than one that is focused around drugs and doping the mother until she can't feel a thing. Penelope is a natural birth expert and knows exactly how to make sure that you have the pregnancy and birth that you actually deserve, instead of going through a lot of pain that you should not have to deal with. Her method makes birth much more manageable and even pleasurable for both you AND your baby. This online course goes into far more detail than the advice that too many courses offer; there is no nonsense about passive relaxation This course teaches you what to DO when you're about to have a baby. You will also learn the exercises that you need to know to strengthen your body. For childbirth Come into the birth prepared and ready!

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Exhaling to a count of four lower your arms to the starting position see Figure a

Strengthening your back and arms gives you courage during and after childbirth. Strengthening your back and arms gives you courage during and after childbirth. Opening the Way is an exercise that helps to prepare your pelvic girdle for childbirth by opening your groin and supporting the relaxation and release in your pelvis. The pelvic girdle is the boney structure surrounding your pelvis. During vaginal childbirth, the baby passes through the opening in the pelvic girdle. The exercise also strengthens and tones your upper torso, including your back and spine, and teaches you to breathe fully by encouraging good posture. Breathing properly with good posture is a big help during childbirth, when comfort matters so much.

Exhaling to a count of four slowly lower the weights to the starting position see Figure a

The Mother Goddess helps prepare your pelvic girdle for childbirth by conditioning and toning the muscles surrounding it. The exercise also strengthens your legs, inner thighs, and back conditions you to stay steady and balanced and trains you to be able to breathe in a consistent way when the rigors of childbirth are challenging you.

Relaxing with a couple of deep breaths

Think about the many times you've heard someone say Now just take a couple of deep breaths and relax. This recommendation is so popular because it really works Pain clinics across the country use breathing exercises for pain control. Childbirth preparation courses teach Yoga-related breathing techniques to both parents to aid the birthing process. Moreover, since the 1970s, stress gurus have taught yogic breathing to corporate America with great success.

Special Workout for Expecting Mothers

Whatever decision you make about how you want to give birth, yoga-with-weights exercises can gently help you prepare for the big event by making you stronger and increasing your ability to focus and concentrate. In addition, the exercises help you maintain a high energy level after the baby is born and help you get back into shape. The exercises we present here are designed to help prepare pregnant women for labor and condition them mentally and emotionally for giving birth. Even if you walk for only a few minutes every day and adopt the breathing and mindfulness techniques you find in this book (see Chapters 4 and 5), you'll feel and look your best during and after your pregnancy. The yoga-with-weights exercises in this chapter help strengthen your back, make you comfortable while you're pregnant, and prepare your pelvic floor for a healthy delivery when the time comes to give birth. Use the last exercise as an affirmation to plant the seeds of well-being and make yours a joyous...

Continuing Yogic Exercise after Pregnancy Postpartum

Many traditional cultures honor a period of rest for the newly delivered mother to give her time to recover from childbirth and bond with her newborn. This break typically lasts about four to six weeks in Spanish, it's known as la cuarentena, or the 40-day quarantine. Not surprisingly, physicians generally recommend that new mothers wait about six weeks before resuming their usual exercise routines, and a couple of weeks longer if they had a Caesarean section.

Exploring the Breath Mind Connection

You hear people say that when you get frustrated or angry you should take a deep breath and count to ten. We can't vouch for the counting to ten part, but taking a deep breath is an excellent piece of folk wisdom. Deep breathing really can calm your nerves. It can relax and center you. Some people can even control the amount of pain they feel with breathing techniques. This ability is one of the reasons why, in prenatal clinics, expectant mothers study breathing techniques to control and help ease the pain of childbirth.

Awareness An Introduction

Completely lose ourselves in the drama being enacted so that we forget we are watching. We become part of the story. Our thinking process is like a good film, sometimes emotional, sometimes exciting, other times depressing. Whatever its contents may be, it is so appealing that most of us spend twenty-four hours every day totally lost in the absorbing mental processes. We are totally engrossed in the mind show. In fact even those who are now reading these words are most likely caught up in the thought processes. At present are you completely identified with your thoughts The answer is probably yes. And it is not so easy to break down the magnetic appeal of the mind and to merely watch the thoughts, to be aware. When a television program or a movie finishes we automatically remember that we are only watching and that we are not involved. But from birth all of us have been lost in the mental show so that we never realize its superficial nature. We see the mind, its activities and the...

The Secret Of Yoga

In thrall from birth to the moment of death, and even pursued him to the hereafter, instilling in him a desire for ceremonial burial and performance of rituals after his death. It certainly could not be a passing fancy or a transient reaction, created in his yet insufficiently developed, ignorant mind, by its first impact with natural phenomena and the effort to find an explanation for them. It could also not be the outcome of fear of the elements in a state of fury, the thunder and lightning, the wind and tide, the rain and storm, since he was accustomed and reconciled to them from the very beginning of his career on earth millions of years before. It is amazing that such lame explanations have been put forward by eminent scholars to rationalize an impulse that has been one of the most powerful governing factors of man's existence from primeval times.

Partnering Yoga with Pregnancy

Taking a gentle approach to Yoga during pregnancy can be just what the doctor ordered. It may be just what the midwife ordered as well because it helps you cultivate a sense of confidence in your own body and your ability to give birth. Of course, each woman should consult her physician about her own needs just to be certain she doesn't have any high-risk conditions that may require special precautions. to them. Their physician finally suggested that perhaps their fertility problems were stress related and that they practice Yoga together which they did. Sounds hard to believe, but after 30 days of practice, which included my weekly class and general conditioning DVD (flip to the appendix), Adrian became pregnant. She continued her Yoga practice until her eighth month and later gave birth to a big, beautiful baby boy.

The Three Steps of Nature

WE RECOGNISE then, in the past developments of Yoga, a specialising and separative tendency which, like all things in Nature, had its justifying and even imperative utility and we seek a synthesis of the specialised aims and methods which have, in consequence, come into being. But in order that we may be wisely guided in our effort, we must know, first, the general principle and purpose underlying this separative impulse and, next, the particular utilities upon which the method of each school of Yoga is founded. For the general principle we must interrogate the universal workings of Nature herself, recognising in her no merely specious and illusive activity of a distorting Maya, but the cosmic energy and working of God Himself in His universal being formulating and inspired by a vast, an infinite and yet a minutely selective Wisdom, prajna prasrta purani of the Upanishad, Wisdom that went forth from the Eternal since the beginning. For the particular utilities we must cast a...

Yoga Postures To Relax Pelvic Floor

Prevalent as occasional incontinence is, however, it's only one aspect of pelvic floor dysfunction, the umbrella term for disorders of the pelvic floor muscles. In the case of urinary incontinence, the muscles in the area may have grown weak, or hypotonic, usually due to the kind of overstretching that can happen in childbirth. When the muscles are overly tight, or hypertonic, other conditions can result, such as urinary frequency and urgency, interstitial cystitis, irritable bowel syndrome, painful intercourse, lower-back pain, and in men prostate problems.

Navamam Siddhidatri cha nava Durgah prakirtitah Uktanyetani namani Brahmanaiva mahatmana

First, Shaila-putrT Daughter of the King of Himalayas, Second, BrahmacharinT One Who observes the state of Celibacy, Third, Chandra-ghant*a One Who bears the Moon around Her neck, Fourth, Kush-manda Whose Void contains the Universe, Fifth, Skanda-mata Who gave birth to Shri Karttikeya, Sixth, KatyayanT Who incarnated to help the Devas,

Transcript of Lecture by Yogi Bhajan

It was an era in which the female was rooted out from her roots, and exploited to the brink and to the brim by men. Male female relationship didn't have any strength. It didn't have any character. It didn't have any taste. So females in the past century gave birth to the most fearful, insecure, impotent, or oversexed men, and sexual disorder was worse than ever before in the past three thousand years.

Tantra the universal system

It is intended to cover every aspect of man's life from early morning to late at night, from birth till death. It is intended to make life more harmonious and blissful in every action and situation. It is for all types of people, from housewives to monks. It is a system that teaches us how to fully know and use the world we live in, as well as to tune in with higher consciousness.

Law The Law of Pure Potentiality

The first spiritual law of success is the Law of Pure Potentiality, which states that at the core of your being you are pure awareness. This realm of pure awareness is the domain of all possibilities and underlies creativity in all its forms. Pure consciousness is your spiritual essence and the source of your joy in life. The realm of pure potentiality is the home of knowledge, intuition, balance, harmony, and bliss. Giving rise to thoughts, feelings, and actions, it remains undisturbed. This domain is the womb of silence that gives birth to all forms and phenomena in life. It is your essential nature. At your core you are pure potentiality.

Physical Benefits

Yoga can help you deal with any mental and emotional stress you may experience during pregnancy and childbirth. Yoga can teach you to focus and concentrate, which can help you through the course of your pregnancy as well as during labor. Yoga can also help you deal with mood swings, as well as anxiety and fear about childbirth. By heightening your awareness of your body, yoga can increase the confidence you have in your body's ability to give birth. You may also find that you can discover a deeper connection with your unborn baby through meditation.

New Mama Yoga

Practicing yoga now is important because you need the energy. Filling your body with prana through breathing exercises and 10 minutes daily in shavasana will recharge you and make the little sleep you do get more productive. Your body also needs all its resources to heal itself after childbirth. You probably need some mental maintenance, too. Your hormones may be making you extra emotional or a little depressed right after childbirth. Add to that the fact that your entire life has changed and will never be the same. Pile on top of that the fact that your jeans look hopelessly small, and even though you aren't pregnant anymore, all you may be able to wear are your old maternity clothes. Remember that it takes time to adjust to any major life change. It will also take your body time to readjust to a nonpregnant state. Be patient. Be kind to yourself. It took you nine months to get to childbirth, so give yourself nine months to get back. You have just accomplished something magnificent,...

Rectus abdominii

Are called the external and internal obliques and the transverse abdominii. These muscles, together with the rectus abdominii, are arranged in sheets in such a way as to give maximum strength and control. They protect the inner abdominal organs. When they are insufficient then hernia can result. These muscles also contract and massage the internal organs and aid one another in the process of micturition (passing of urine), defecation, vomiting and also childbirth in women.

Feel Free

A few months after giving birth to a child, you may be eager to get to your mat. But you are likely to discover that pregnancy and childbirth have weakened your abdominal muscles, so they'll probably need reconditioning. When your body is ready to be challenged again, try the sequence on the following pages created by vinyasa flow yoga teacher (and new mom) Claire Missingham. Thispracticewillgctyouin touch with the manipura chakra, which governs the navel and solar plexus area, This energetic force can be weak, not just physically but psychologically, too, after the sheer willpower that giving birth requires, says Missingham. Working the core in Plank and Paripurna Navasana (Full Boat Pose) can reignite a sense of Strength and self-confidence. Other poses in the sequence gently release tension all through the body A supine Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose) can be a balm to the ou ter hips and gluteal muscles. Bridge and Eagle are great for relieving the tension in the chest, shoulders, and...

The Creative Will

The Creative Will seems to be filled with a strong Desire to manifest. It longs to express itself, and to give birth to forms of activity. Desire lies under and in all forms of its manifestations. The ever present Desire of the Creative Will causes lower forms to be succeeded by higher forms--and is the moving cause of evolution--it is the Evolutionary Urge itself, which ever cries to its manifestations, Move on move upward.


There arose in his mind the wish that he had a horse to help him carry the wash to and from the river. He arrived at the river without another thought, when suddenly he heard a gruff stern voice from someone behind him commanding him to come. Nam Dev turned to see a very fierce looking Mogul with a big turban and heavy weapons and swords mounted on a great armored horse. The Mogul demanded that Nam Dev would come to him immediately. As Nam Dev approached, the Mogul told him that his mare had given birth to a foal which was now weaned, and as he could no longer keep the foal, he commanded that Nam Dev take over its care. Nam Dev was surprised at the forcefulness of the command and agreed, but before the Mogul could depart, Nam Dev suddenly noticed that the texture of the Mogul's skin was blue and looking further, he began to recognize one after the other each of the sacred traits of Krishna. So, he told the Mogul that he recognized him and couldn't be fooled. The Mogul finally...

For Women Only

This chapter is for all you female yogis (yoginis) out there Being a woman means certain things biologically and certain things culturally, too. We experience menstruation as our first rite of passage into womanhood, many of us experience childbirth, and eventually we experience menopause. We're also raised in a culture obsessed with beauty, youth, and the female body. Women have many unique challenges, and yoga can help with all of them by helping to keep us fit, strong, clear-thinking, and joyful.


Once the sadhaka has experienced the fullness of creation or of the Creator, his thirst (trsna) for objects of sense vanishes and he looks at them ever after with dispassion (vairagya). He experiences no disquiet in heat or cold, in pain or pleasure, in honour or dishonour and in virtue or vice. He treats the two imposters - triumph and disaster -with equanimity. He has emancipated himself from these pairs of op-posites. He has passed beyond the pull of the gunas and has become a gunatlta (one who has transcended the gunas). He is then free from birth and death, from pain and sorrow and becomes immortal. He has no self-identity as he lives experiencing the fullness of the Universal Soul. Such a man, scorning nothing, leads all things to the path of perfection.


In the West we are brought up to believe, as Descartes, after locking himself in a secluded mountain chalet for two weeks, that I think, therefore I am. This is to say that who I am completely depends upon my thoughts in relation to my body and the impressions I make about it in relation to each specific thing (or person) in a separate world. In other words in the West, the conditioning from birth is that I am this body and the mind's thoughts, etc.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

If Pregnancy Is Something That Frightens You, It's Time To Convert Your Fear Into Joy. Ready To Give Birth To A Child? Is The New Status Hitting Your State Of Mind? Are You Still Scared To Undergo All The Pain That Your Best Friend Underwent Just A Few Days Back? Not Convinced With The Answers Given By The Experts?

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