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Hello. I am one of Mom and Dad's five kids. I have Asperger Syndrome. I am eleven years old and am in sixth grade.

My mom worries about me a lot. She is always worried about how I am doing at school and how I feel. She usually wants me to feel okay. She also worries about my health. She does not want me to be too fat and she wants me to be strong. My mom will not let me eat whatever I want and she wants me to exercise my body to be healthy and strong.

My mom loves yoga. Since she loves me so much, she wants me to do yoga too. She says that yoga keeps her happy and not stressed.

I learned some yoga poses. I must say they are not as bad as I thought they would be. My body felt weird at first: very shaky and wobbly. My mom made me do this yoga stuffa lot and I actually started liking having my head upside down. I also liked when my mom told me things to think about while I was doing the poses. She told me to think about being a warrior and being brave and strong when I am doing some of the poses.

Sometimes when I am bored at school, I think about these stories to make the time go faster and to stop myself from flapping so much.

The weirdest thing my mom makes me do is breathe in strange ways.

Mom said that the breathing could help me stop flapping when I am not supposed to. I used to flap at the bus stop all the time, because I was bored and nervous about the school day. Mom told me to take some breaths and she breathed with me. Since I was thinking about my nose and air coming into my body, I could not think about flapping at the same time.

I will tell you that when I acted like a lion and did Lion Breathing, it scared all my brothers and sisters. I guess I have to say that I think yoga is weird. But, I like to spend time with my mom. Since she likes to do yoga, that is what Mom and I do together.

Joshua S. Betts

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