Lion Breath

Lion Breath helps to make energy move through the body (Figure 3.2). It also helps to expel anger and resentment. This is a good breath to use if your child is having difficulty in releasing feelings. Your child should think about what his problem is, and do several Lion Breaths to get the problem and the negative feelings out of his system.

It is helpful if you demonstrate Lion Breath first, and then actually do the breathing exercise with your child. This breath technique is extremely freeing and cleansing, and the results are felt immediately.

1. Sit on your mat in a kneeling position. Your legs may be together or slightly apart.

2. Your arms should be relaxed and your hands may rest on your lap.

3. Open your mouth wide. Point your tongue as far out of your mouth as possible.

4. With your mouth open, make a roaring sound. Feel the air and energy move out of your mouth from deep within your belly. Keep roaring until you feel that you want to stop.

5. Take a deep breath and then do three more Lion Breaths. Each time you practice one of these breaths, visualize all anger, resentment, and rage coming loose from inside your body and being expelled out of your mouth. Children will probably like this exercise once they become accustomed to it.

At first, your child may seem a little disturbed when he watches you model this breath. When he actually tries Lion Breath, however, he will surely like the feeling and sound of being a lion.

Figure 3.2 Lion Breath

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