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Skull Shining Breath uses the abdominal muscles. This breath invigorates the entire body while it uses the lower belly muscles. By practicing this breathing exercise, your child becomes aware of using the belly muscles rather than the chest muscles to breathe. When the belly is used to breathe, the belly expands, allowing more air to enter the belly and chest.

This breathing technique may become tiresome for the abdominal muscles, so no more than twenty repetitions for the beginner are recommended. When the abdominal muscles become stronger, up to fifty repetitions may be done.

1. Sit on your mat in a cross-legged position with your hands resting in your lap.

2. Take a regular inhalation through your nose.

3. Then make a sharp, strong exhalation through your nose. Your belly muscles should help you make this exhalation sharp, fast, and strong.

4. Take a small inhalation through your nose and then make another sharp exhalation.

5. Try to feel your stomach muscles working with each exhale. Think of the belly as a bellows that helps to expel all the air in the body out through the nose.

6. Repeat from twenty to fifty times and then relax. You should feel energy and aliveness throughout your body.

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