Strengthening poses

In general, strengthening poses are standing poses. Standing poses are poses in which your child stands on the mat with his feet spread a certain distance apart. They are named strengthening poses because they do just that. These poses strengthen and tone the large muscle groups of the body.

The muscles that are strengthened include the thighs, hamstrings, arms, and shoulders. Additionally, these poses open the hips due to the positioning of the legs. These poses also stretch the spine. Strengthening poses require some concentration and muscle strength, but they are well worth the effort.

These poses may alleviate nervous energy because they are somewhat strenuous and require the muscles to expend energy. They may also provide your child with an outlet for his excess tension.

These poses are easily accessible for a child to use when he is stressed. All your child needs to do is lay down his yoga mat almost anywhere and practice a couple of the poses. In time, he will gain strength and flexibility from these standing poses and will feel a difference in his body.

The poses that we chose are challenging enough to keep the practice interesting and stimulating, but should not overwhelm your child. In the strengthening poses, as with the warm-up poses, modifications may be made if needed. Suggested modifications are included in the descriptions of the poses. You may not want to call these poses "strengthening poses" to your child because he may feel intimidated by the idea that he needs a lot ofmuscle strength to do them. You may refer to these as "standing poses" and not mention that he may feel difficulty in his muscles.

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