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Your destiny is mapped out by your thoughts. You have only that much power as you imagine you have. The world around you is as you have willed it to be.

You are living in an infinite ocean of power and cheerfulness, but you appropriate only so much from it as you think, believe and imagine. Due to certain propensities you cherish certain thoughts, and you allow your mind to foment. But by discrimination, you can easily give up the phantasy of mind.

The limit of your thought is the limit of your possibilities. Your circumstances and environments are the materialization of your thoughts. The world experience rises or falls in accordance with your thoughts. Whatever thought is cherished by you in the world will be ultimately realized.

Whatever a pure mind strongly believes something to be, that it soon becomes. Your thoughts are powerful in proportion to your intensity, depth, and warmth. They become so when they are being constantly cherished over and over again. Constant thinking, desiring or imagining of the same idea contributes much to the materialization of that idea.

Develop a pure mind and whatever objects and worlds you wish to get, you will gain those objects and worlds.

It is true that every thought you think has its corresponding effect on the whole or some part of human anatomy. The physical body is realized to be subtle by means of constant meditation on its being so. The mental or subtle body becomes physical when it is repeatedly imagined. The secret of success is constant and repeated effort.

Develop strong determination. It is an important factor which will contribute to the realization of your thoughts. There is nobody who will be able to withstand the power of your determined mind. You can realize everything.

Your body is your objectified thought. When your thoughts change, the body will also change. The mind creates the body from the material of your own thoughts. Thought is a force that can change, transform, or at least modify, almost anything in the human system.

The disorder and disharmony of the physical body is called a physical disease and the conflict of the mind is called a mental disease. Both of them have their ultimate root in ignorance and can be cured only by the knowledge of reality. When you worry about the experiences of the world, a depressing mental disturbance originates in your mind. By the effect of mental disturbance, the smooth and regular flow of vital currents is disturbed. When the vital currents flow improperly, the Nadis become disorganized. Some of them get more vital energy and some get less. Thus, the whole system becomes out of order. In this way mental disharmony is the cause of physical diseases, which can be cured only by removing the cause.

Every depressing and disturbing thought that enters your brain, has a depressing effect on every cell of your body, and tends to produce disease. All negative thoughts are forerunners of disease, and they are messengers of death.

If you want to live long and lead a sensible and healthy life cherish good thoughts. Subtle and powerful are influences of the thoughts in building and rebuilding of your body. Be vigilant.

Practically all diseases with their sufferings have their origin in perverted mental and emotional states and conditions. Restoration of mental harmony is absolutely necessary for you. Purify your thoughts by performing noble actions and by association with wise ones. When your thoughts are purified the vital currents will begin to flow properly and will clean the whole system.

Every good thought stimulates the heart, improves the digestive system and promotes the normal action of every gland.

Contentment is another name for the harmony of the mind. When your thoughts do not wander to this or that object and when you feel self-satisfied, you are in a state of joy which is unique. If you are happy within, everything appears good and pleasing to you.

Thoughts are the main source of your cheerfulness. Purify your thoughts; all troubles will be cured.

If you are cherishing peaceful thoughts the whole world will appear cool, but if negative thoughts have spread their kingdom then the world will seem to be a hot furnace. No circumstance compels you to cherish evil thoughts. Do not ruin yourself by your imagination of fate. It has no reality of its own.

Thought is able to reveal reality. Propelled by right thoughts the wise man is able to come out of most dangerous situations. The whole reality is present in its full potency everywhere, so whatever is intensely thought of anywhere can be experienced there.

The essential nature of all objects is thoughts. Materiality is a wrong idea.

As snow melts in water through heat, so mind becomes subtle through the practice of right vision and positive thoughts.

The real action is thought only. It is really mental and not physical. The physical action is only an external expression of the real action which is vibration of volition in the mind. Your physical activities are only the various sides of mental activities.

As the beauty of a tree increases immensely in the spring season, so also your strength, your intellect and the lustre will increase in proportion to your positive thoughts. Thoughts of the wise men are entirely different from the thoughts of ordinary people. You are liberated in proportion to your thoughts of indifference to the world.

When thoughts of purity emanate around you, Eternal Law begins to support you. You are aware of your thoughts. You only know what has come to pass in your own experience. In everyone of you separately has arisen the world of the experience of the world. You have got a limited mind which is subject to various types of modes and circumstances.

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