If we were to consider condensing all Dharma practices and required daily commitments into the most essential practices necessary to accomplish realization in this immediate lifetime, we must then consider our own time and how it is spent. A slot of time is usually dedicated to a daily practice or routine of formal practice. Most of the daytime is spent involved in various activities with family, friends and in the job place. Finally there is the time that we spend sleeping and dreaming during...

Transforming Felicity and Adversity into the Spiritual Path

Oh, Noble Avalokiteshvara, Who always rejoices at the happiness of others, Who is deeply saddened by others' suffering, Who has perfectly realized the qualities of great compassion, And who has released his own joy and sorrow I bow to you recalling your virtues and I shall explain in part the quintessential teaching on transforming felicity and adversity into the spiritual path, this being an indispensable tool of spiritually realized beings, which is invaluable in the world.