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Behind this world-show, behind these physical phenomena, behind these names and forms, behind the feelings, thoughts, emotions and sentiments there dwells the silent witness thy immortal friend and real well-wisher the Purusha or world teacher, the unseen governor or master, the unknown Yogi, the indivisible power of consciousness or hidden sage. That is the only permanent reality and living truth. That is Brahman or the Supreme Being or the Absolute. That is Atma. That is Self. The goal of human life is to realise the reality behind the changing phenomena. The summum bonum of human aspiration is to attain Self-realisation. Self-realisation alone can make you absolutely free and independent. Trust not your body, mind and senses. Have inner spiritual life. Attain knowledge of the Self through steady devotion and discipline. Drink the nectar of immortality, quench the flames of Samsara and allay its tortures, miseries and sorrows. Friends Is there not a higher mission in life besides...

Practical Spiritual Instructions

Feel and realise thy divine nature. Do not murmur when you get difficulties, troubles, tribulations and diseases. Every difficulty is an opportunity for you to develop your will and power of endurance and to grow strong. Conquer the difficulties one by one. This is the beginning of a new life, a life of expansion, glory and divine splendour. Aspire and draw. Grow. Expand. Build up all positive qualities, the Daiva-Sampatti, viz., fortitude, patience and courage, that are dormant in you. Tread the spiritual path and realise 'I am the Immortal Self. Never weep even if you lose your near and dear relations. Births and deaths are the two illusory scenes in the marvellous drama of this world. They are all the jugglery of Maya. In reality nobody comes and nobody goes. Atman alone exists. Atman is Brahman or the Immortal Soul. Conquer difficulties one by one. Stand adamant. Root yourself in the immortal Sat-Chit-Ananda Atman or Self within. Develop a...

Practice Of Meditation

Meditation is the only royal road to the attainment of salvation or Moksha. Meditation kills all pains, sufferings, the three kinds of Taapas (fevers) and the five Kleshas (sorrows). Meditation gives the vision of unity. Meditation produces sense of oneness. Meditation is an aeroplane that helps the aspirant to soar high in the realms of eternal bliss and everlasting peace. It is a mysterious ladder that connects earth and heaven and takes the aspirant to the immortal abode of Brahman. Meditate on Om and its meaning with feeling. This is Nirguna Dhyana. Repeat Om mentally. Identify yourself with Atman. Feel, I am the all-pervading immortal Self or Atman. I am Sat-Chit-Ananda Brahman. I am Sakshi or silent witness of three states and all modifications of the mind. I am pure consciousness. I am distinct from the body, mind, Prana and senses. I am the self-luminous Light of lights. I am the Eternal Supreme Soul.

OThe seer is intelligence only and though pure seen through the colouring of the intellect

Just as if be piece of pure crystal be put on a table and a red flower be put near it, the crystal appears to be red, so all these appearances of happiness or unhappiness are but reflections the soul itself has no sort of colouring. The soul is separate from nature nature is one thing, soul another, eternally separate. The Sankhyas say that intelligence is a compounds, that it grows and wanes, that it changes, just as the body changes, and that its nature is nearly the same as that of the body. As a fingernail is to the body, so is body to intelligence. The nail is a part of the body, but it can be pared off hundreds of times, and the body will still last. Similarly, the intelligence lasts aaons, while this body can be pared off, thrown off. Yet intelligence cannot be immortal, because is changes growing and waning. Anything that changes cannot be immortal. Certainly intelligence is manufactured, and that very fact shows us that there must be something...


Maitreyi said My venerable lord, if this whole world with all its wealth belongs to me, tell me truly, could I attain immortality . No, replied Yajnavalkya, Like the life of rich people will be your life but there is no hope of obtaining immortality by wealth . Maitreyi Of what use would be wealth to me, if I do not become thereby immortal Tell me, O venerable lord, any means of attaining immortality of which thou knowest . Yajnavalkya said Verily, not indeed for the husband's sake the husband is dear, but for the sake Of the Self the husband is dear. Verily, not indeed for the wife's sake the wife is dear, but for the sake of the Self the wife is dear. Verily, not indeed for the sake of the son the son is dear, but for the sake of the Self the son is dear. Verily, this immortal all-pervading Atman or Brahman is to be seen, heard, reflected and meditated upon, O Maitreyi Atma Vaare Drashtavyah Srotavyo Mantayo Nididhyasitavyah .

Essence Of Yogavasishtha

If you attain knowledge of the Self or Brahma Jnana, you will be freed from the trammels of births and deaths. All doubts will vanish all Karmas will perish. It is through one's own efforts alone that the immortal, all-blissful Brahmic seat can be attained. Destroy Vasanas and Sankalpas. Kill egoism. Annihilate this mind. Equip yourself with the four means. Meditate on the pure, immortal, all-pervading Self or Atma. Get knowledge of the Self and attain immortality, everlasting peace, eternal bliss, freedom and perfection.

Thoughts Electricity and Philosophy

The world's most extraordinary book of practical philosophical idealism of India is Yoga-Vasishtha. The gist of this work is this The non-dual Brahman or the immortal soul alone exists. This universe as universe is not. Knowledge of the Self alone will free one from this round of births and deaths. Extinction of thoughts and Vasanas is Moksha. Expansion of mind alone is Sankalpa. Sankalpa or thought, through its power of differentiation generates this universe. This world is a play of the mind. This world does not exist in the three periods of time. Extinction of Sankalpas is Moksha. Annihilate this little 'I', Vasanas, Sankalpas, thoughts. Meditate on the Self and become a Jivanmukta.

Assert The Majesty Of Your Real Self

Courage, power, strength, wisdom and joy are your divine heritage, your birthright from the Absolute. Develop your will-power. Will has made intellectual and spiritual giants. You are equal to any and every man. You have emanated from the same source. You are an expression of the same one life, one Existence, one Sat, one Reality. You are the real I , the real Atman. You are immortal. You can hardly be destroyed. You are invincible. You can by no means be injured. Belief in this sense-world alone is death. Your real nature is Satchidananda, immortality and bliss. The Seer of Self sees not death nor disease nor sorrow. The Seer sees all as his own Self. He pervades all. He knows everything. He is all-powerful.

Messages New Year Message

By the command of the Indestructible Being, minutes, hours, days and nights, stand apart. By the command of the Immortal Brahman, months, years, seasons and solstices stand apart. He who knows this Indestructible Being is a liberated sage or Jivanmukta. Be thou a spiritual warrior of Truth. Put on the armour of discrimination. Wear the shield of dispassion. Hold the flag of Dharma. Sing the song of Soham or Sivoham. March boldly with the band of Pranava Om Om Om. Blow the conch of courage. Kill the enemies of doubt, ignorance, passion and egoism and enter the illimitable kingdom of blissful Brahman. Possess the imperishable wealth of Atma. Taste the divine immortal essence. Drink the nectar of Immortality.

How To Live A Divine Life

Nitya Sukha, Parama Santi, eternal satisfaction, Infinite Bliss, knowledge and Immortality can be had only in God or Atman who gives light to the intellect and the Sun. Therefore, realise the Sat-Chit-Ananda Atma through meditation right now, this very second, by purifying the mind. 10. Write daily for half an hour in a notebook the Mantra of your Ishta Devata or Rama Rama. Write down in bold types on slips of paper Speak Truth. Om Courage, Om Purity, I am immortal Atman, I must realise God now, Time is most precious, I will be a true Brahmachari and Brahmacharya is Divine Life and fix them in the bedroom, front rooms and verandah. Keep some slips in your pocket.

Considering the concepts of Self Maya and Heart as viewed from the sages The Self

That in which the sun rises and in which it sets, that which is the source of all the powers of nature and of the senses, that which nothing can transcend - that is the immortal Self Katha Upanishad, p. 21 The Self-Existent made the senses turn outward. Accordingly, man looks toward what is without, and sees not what is within. Rare is he, longing for immortality, shuts his eyes to what is without and beholds the Self. Katha Upanishad, p. 20

The Spirit Of Indian Spiritual Inheritance

The true greatness of Indian spiritual inheritance consists in the secret and glorious methods it has delivered to us for allaying life's sorrow and human unhappiness and for acquiring for the circumstance of human existence, the infinite peace and perfection of the Divine Being. Human grief cannot be alleviated as long as the human individual is immured in ignorance and strives merely for his individual pleasure and good. The genius of India has, to its immortal honour, soared above the conventional ties and the bonds of society, grasped the spiritual truth, realised it and proclaimed to the world, for the welfare of all mankind, that Life is One and not many. Apart from the petty disharmonies between one person and another, the nations of the world seem to be separated from each other and this virulent notion of division and separation is the mother of war and destruction. Deceived by the spectacular advancement of scientific knowledge, modern mind in all countries and continents...

Chapter The Spiritual Reality

Just as behind the Prana there is the mind, behind the Tanmatras there is the Cosmic Mind. Beyond the Cosmic Mind are the Cosmic Ego and the Cosmic Intellect, the last mentioned having a special name, Mahat. Beyond the Mahat is what is called Prakriti, in which the whole universe exists as a tree in a seed, or as effect in its cause. Transcending Prakriti is the Absolute-Consciousness, called Brahman, Paramatman and the like. So, whether we dive deep here or there, within ourselves or within the cosmos, we find the same thing-Consciousness. And the stages of manifestation in the individual correspond to those in the universe. The purpose of Yoga is to effect a communion between the individual and cosmic structures and to realize the ultimate Reality. The Yoga places before us the goal of a union wherein infinity and eternity seem to come together. The aim of Yoga is to raise the status of the individual to the cosmic level and to abolish the false difference between the individual and...

Chapter Asana Or Posture

Or too cold, because of chances of increase in body-consciousness thereby). When the student is seated in Asana, with a harmonious flow of the Prana through the nerve-channels, he has already entered the gates of meditation. Asana has a spiritual import. One knocks at the door of the palace of the immortal, here. While in Yama and Niyama one is in preparation, in Asana the gates of Reality are reached, though they are yet to be opened. The soul is there ready to meet the Sovereign of the universe. This is the first step in actual Yoga.

The Unfoldment Of Consciousness

The first of these planes or states of Consciousness, above the Self-Consciousness of the psychologists (which we have called Mental Consciousness ) may be called Ego-consciousness, for it brings an awareness of the Reality of the Ego. This awareness is far above the Self-consciousness of the man who is able to distinguish I from You, and to give it a name. And far above the consciousness that enables a man, as he rises in the scale, to distinguish the I from faculty after faculty of the mind, which he is able to recognize as not--I, until he finds left a mental something that he cannot set aside, which he calls I --although this stage alone is very much higher than that of the average of the race, and is a high degree of Attainment itself. It is akin to this last stage, and yet still fuller and more complete. In the dawning of Ego Consciousness the I recognizes itself still more clearly and, more than this, is fully imbued with a sense and awareness of its own Reality, unknown to it...

Message Of Brahmacharya

The vital energy, the Veerya, which supports your life, is a great treasure for you. It is the quintessence of blood. Brahmacharya is truly a precious jewel. It is the most effective medicine or nectar which destroys diseases, decay and death. This Atma or immortal soul is verily the nature of Brahmacharya. Atma resides in Brahmacharya. Veerya is the essence of life, thought, intelligence and consciousness. When the Veerya is once lost, it can never be recouped in your lifetime by your taking any amount of Badam, nervine tonics, milk, cream, Makaradhvaja, etc. This fluid, when preserved carefully, serves as a master-key for you to open the doors of elysian bliss or the realms of God or Atma and for all sorts of higher achievements in life. By Brahmacharya alone the Rishis of yore have conquered death and attained the immortal abode of joy and bliss. Glory to Brahmacharya Glory to Brahmacharins who are veritable gods on earth May you all attain immortality by leading a life of...

The Laws Implied in Higher Thoughts

Free yourself from the slavery of prejudice that blunts intellect and dulls thoughts. Think of the immortal Atman. This is the right method of direct, original thinking. The Atman reveals Itself after the purification of thoughts. When the mind is serene without any want, without any motive, without any craving or desire or thought, without any compulsion, without hope, then the supreme Atman shines. There is the experience of Bliss. Live the way in which saints live. This is the only way to victory over thoughts, mind and the lower self and until you have conquered mind, there can be no sure and permanent victory.

Gunas The three gunas are Sattva purity rajas action tamas sloth or dullness

That being, who is the power of all powers and is born as such, who embodies himself in the elements and in them exists, and who has entered the lotus of the heart, is the immortal Self. Katha Upanishad, p. 21 That being, of the size of a thumb, dwells deep within the heart. He is the lord of time, past and future. Having attained him, one fears no more. He, verily, is the immortal Self. Katha Upanishad, p. 21 Atman is not the Knower, Nor is It the known. It is not accessible to inference. Words cannot describe This Consciousness Absolute. The mind is lost in Its majesty. How can it be explained to thee Space-like immortality-giving knowledge am I. (verse 11) I am the eternal principle. Free from attachment and aversion, free from imperfections am I, Fate and providence exist not in me. Eternally free from the sufferings of the world, Verily, space-like immortality-giving Knowledge am I. (verse 13) Maya is not my modification. Nor is its glamour mine. Deceit, hypocrisy, truth and...

Chapter Peace Of Mind And Selfcontrol

The senses live in a world of objects, of Samsara or earthly existence, and the need for Pratyahara therefore is on account of the necessity to rise from the mortal to the immortal. The Upanishad prayer is 'Lead me from the unreal to the real, from darkness to light, from mortality to immortality.' This is the aim of self-restraint, of Pratyahara in Yoga.

The Siddhis powers are attained by birth chemical means power of words mortification or concentration

The Yogis claim that these powers can be gained by chemical means. All of you know that chemistry originally began as alchemy men went in search of the philsopher's stone, and elixirs of life, and so forth. In Inidia there was a sect called the Rasayanas. Their idea was that ideality, knowledge, spirituality and religion, were all very right, but that the body was the only instrument by which to attain to all these. If the body broke now and then it would take so much more time to attain to the goal. For instance, a man wants to practice Yoga, or wants to become spiritual. Before he has advanced very far he dies. Then he takes another body and begins again, then dies, and so on, and in this way much time will be lost in dying and in being born again. If the body could be made strong and perfect, so that it would get rid of birth and death, we should have so much more time to become spiritual. So these Rasayanas say, first make the body very strong, and they claim that this body can be...

The Secret Of Yoga

In all the genuine phenomena of this kind, the effect on the visionary has been always stunning, and the experience has been repeated, with variations of course, but always with a powerful impact on the mind. The question is How can this occasional virtual metamorphosis of consciousness be explained in terms of the solutions suggested Either the whole subject is delusive and the vision is only an overpowering hallucination, in which case the inquiry need not proceed any further, or the phenomenon is the outcome of an alteration in consciousness, resulting from an alteration in the functioning of the brain. Arrest of thought can at the most tend to keep the consciousness unruffled or, in other words, it can cut off the impressions coming from the senses and keep the flame of awareness absolutely steady for some time, but it cannot enlarge the capacity of consciousness to such a degree as to cause a staggering effect on the individual, wafted to a new plane of being, to infinity and...

Egoism is the identification of the seer with the instrument of seeing

The seer is really the Self, the pure one, the ever holy, the infinite, the immortal. That is the Self of man. And what are the instruments The Chitta, or mind-stuff, the Buddhi, determinative faculty, the Manas, or mind, and the Indriyani, or sense organs. These are the instruments for him to see the external world, and the identification of the Self with the instruments is what is called the ignorance of egoism. We say I am the mind, I am thought I am angry, or I am happy. How can we be angry, and how can we hate We should identify ourselves with the Self that cannot change. If it is unchangeable, how can it be one moment happy, and one moment unhappy It is formless, infinite, omnipresent. What can change it Beyond all law. What can affect it Nothing in the universe can produce an effect on it, yet,

Prajapatiindrasamvada Chhandogya Upauishad

Prajapati said One must search out and must try to understand the Self or Atman which is free from sin, old age, death, grief, hunger and thirst, with true desires (Sat-Kama), and true will (Sat-Sankalpa). Then only he will obtain eternal bliss and immortality. Prajapati said That is the Self, the Immortal, the Fearless that is Brahman. Prajapati Said The Self that dreams is the Immortal, Fearless, Brahman. Prajapati said The Self that enjoys deep sleep is the Immortal, Fearless, Brahman. Prajapati said O Indra, this body is mortal. The embodied self is subject to pleasure and pain. The eye is the instrument of seeing. The nose is the instrument of smelling. The ear is the instrument of hearing. But the Atman or Brahman is the silent witness (Sakshi). He is immortal, fearless. He is distinct from the three bodies, the three Avasthas or states of consciousness the mind, body and senses. Indra meditated on Brahman and attained Eternal Bliss and Immortality through Brahma-Jnana or...

The Divine Life Society

Thou art, O Lord the Creator of this universe. Thou art the Protector of this world. Thou art in the grass and the rose. Thou art in the sun and the stars. Salutations unto Thee, O Destroyer of the cycle of births and deaths Salutations unto Thee, O Bestower of Bliss and immortality 0 sweet Lord May I be free from the bonds of Death. May I never again forget my immortal nature. May I be able to look upon all with equal vision. May I attain the Supreme Seat of Brahman. May I be free from impurity and sin. May I know my real essential nature. O All-merciful Lord Through Thy Grace, may I realise Truth. May I always entertain sublime thoughts. May I realise myself as the Light Divine. May I behold the one sweet immortal Self in all beings. May I realise Brahman with pure understanding. May that Light of lights ever guide me. May He cleanse my mind of all impurities. May He inspire me. May He bestow on me Power, Courage and Strength. May He remove the veil in the mind. May He remove all...

Control Of Mind

Life in this physical plane is a mere preparation for the eternal life of everlasting sunshine and joy which is to come when one gets knowledge of the Self through intense and constant meditation after purifying the mind. This immortal life of supreme joy is described as the 'Kingdom of Heaven' in the Bible. That Kingdom of Heaven is within you, in your heart. Realise this Immortal Life, O Susil by controlling the mind, and enjoy the Supreme Bliss of the Self. The fire of meditation rapidly consumes all evils and sins. Then there follows that knowledge of Truth which confers perfections, everlasting peace and immortality.


The beginning of saintliness is killing of egoism or Ahamkara. The end of saintliness is Eternal Life. The key to saintliness is humility and self mortification. The light of saintliness is silent meditation. The garb of saintliness is virtue and tolerance, not the Gerua cloth alone.

Universal Love

Feel that the whole world is your body, your own home. Melt or destroy all barriers that separate man from man. Idea of superiority is ignorance or delusion. Develop Visvaprema, all-embracing love. Unite with all. Separation is death. Unite in eternal life. Feel that the whole world is Visvabrindavan. Feel that this body is a moving temple of God. Wherever you are, whether at home, office, railway station or market, feel that you are in the temple. Consecrate every act as an offering unto the Lord. Transmute every work into Yoga by offering its fruits to God. Have Akartri-Sakshi Bhava, if you are a student of Vedanta. Have Nimitta Bhava, if you are a student of Bhakti Marga. Feel that all beings are images of God. Isa-Vasyamidam Sarvam this world is indwelt by the Lord. Feel that one power or God works through all hands, sees through all eyes, hears through all ears. You will become a changed being. You will enjoy the highest peace and bliss.

Yoga Yoga

Yoga is a perfect practical system of self-culture. Yoga is an exact science. It aims at the harmonious development of the body, the mind and the soul. Yoga is the turning away of the senses from the objective universe and the concentration of the mind within. Yoga is eternal life in the soul or spirit. Yoga aims at controlling the mind and its modifications. The path of Yoga is an inner path whose gateway is your heart.

Message Of Amrita

Are you always peaceful Are you noble Do you possess self-restraint Are you endowed with divine virtues Are you free from ignorance Do you possess knowledge of the Self Have you got illumination Have you realised the immortal, pure Self How do you stand before these questions If you have not got these things, then come, sit down and listen Here is the message of Meditate always I am pure consciousness, I am Sat-Chit-Ananda Brahman. I am immutable, self-effulgent, immortal Self. I am the silent witness of the three states, viz., waking state, dream state and deep sleep state. I am distinct from the body, mind, Prana and senses. I am distinct from the five sheaths . You will soon attain Self-realisation. You will attain knowledge of the Self (Brahma Jnana). It is bondage when you are attached to your wife, son, property or body, when you take the body as the pure Self. It is liberation when you are not attached to any object of this world, when you identify yourself with the pure,...

Spiritual Evolution

The Yogi Philosophy teaches that Man will live forever, ascending from higher to higher planes, and then on and on and on. Death is but the physical symbol of a period of Soul Rest, similar to sleep of the tired body, and is just as much to be welcomed and greeted with thanks. Life is continuous, and its object is development, unfoldment and growth. We are in Eternity now as much as we ever shall be. Our souls may exist out of the body as well as in it, although bodily incarnation is necessary at this stage of our development. As we progress on to higher planes of life, we shall incarnate in bodies far more ethereal than those now used by us, just as in the past we used bodies almost incredibly grosser and coarser than those we call our own to-day. Life is far more than a thing of three-score and ten years--it is really a

Know Thyself

That 'Being' who is described in the Upanishads is Brahman or Atman or the Absolute. He is the fountain-head of all scriptural knowledge. He is the source or womb for everything. He is Existence Absolute, Knowledge Absolute and Bliss Absolute. He is indivisible, all-pervading, self-contained, eternal and immortal. He is beyond time, space and causation. He is beginningless and endless. He is the indweller of all beings. He is the witness of the activities of all the minds.

Thoughts and Life

From thinking comes attachment from attachment desire is born from desire proceeds anger, anger arises when desire is frustrated by some cause or the other from anger arises delusion from delusion, failure of memory from failure of memory, loss of intellect from loss of intellect man is totally ruined. If you want to attain everlasting peace, do not think of objects, but think always of the immortal blissful Atman alone.

Divine Life

Divine life is life in God or the Immortal Soul. He who leads the divine life is free from cares, worries, anxieties, miseries, sufferings and tribulations. He attains immortality, perfection, freedom, independence, eternal peace, supreme bliss and perennial joy. He radiates joy, peace and light everywhere. Serve humanity with Atma Bhava. Serve the poor. Serve the sick with Narayana Bhava. Serve the society. Serve the country. Selfless service is the highest Yoga. Samadhi will come by itself without any effort for one, who is solely absorbed in service, when his heart is purified. Service is worship of the Lord. Never forget this. He who sees Brahman or the Immortal Soul in the spoon, Brahman in the medicine, Brahman in the patient, Brahman in the doctor, Brahman in service, he who thinks or meditates thus, while doing service, verily reaches Brahman or the Eternal. The practice of Brahmacharya is very important for spiritual progress. Brahmacharya is the basis for acquiring...


Everything in existence is a part of the organic unity of this, the World Tree. In the material world it looks like one thing is separate from another, but in reality all things are not just interconnected, but are as one. The ever present and all-encompassing spirit doesn't just belong to human beings. It is not born of the partial mind of humans, but is the immortal root of all being. We know it as the quality we call love. All beings in creation are holy, as each are a part of the one organism, the World Tree the Tree of Life. Human beings are particularly valuable because of the capacity of free will, which can make them into nature's tools, capable of producing love and empathy in the physical world. Animals are particularly valuable because they are the realisation of the creative diversity of soul (Anima - animals). Plants and especially trees are so valuable because they embody, in its purest form, the very flesh of the immortal Tree of Life. Part of their quality, then, is...

Guru Purnima Message

Brahman or the Supreme Self alone is real. He is the Soul of all. He is All in all. He is the Essence of this universe. He is the Unity that never admits of a duality under all the varieties and diversities of nature. Thou art this Immortal, All-pervading, All-blissful Brahman. Thou art That. Realise this and be free Tat Tvam Asi.

Hatha Yoga

Do Asana, Kumbhaka, Mudra and shake the Kundalini. Then take it to Sahasrara through Chakras in the Sushumna. O children of light Will you drink not, will you drink not, the nectar of immortality Brother Attain good health. Without health how can you live Without health, how can you earn Without health how can you get success in Yoga or any undertaking Possess wonderful health through the practice of Hatha Yoga. Drink the nectar in Sahasrara and live in the immortal abode of Siva.

Yoga And Its Objects

On account of ignorance you have forgotten your primitive Divine Glory. On account of this evil you are not able to remember your old status of Godhood, your original immortal, blissful, divine nature. Ignorance is the root cause of egoism, likes, dislikes and the rest. These five afflictions are great impediments to Yoga. They stand as stumbling-blocks to the attainment of Self-realisation. Owing to ignorance you have mistaken the physical body for the Self and this is all the mistake you have committed. But it is a serious mistake indeed. By changing your mental outlook, by purifying your heart and intellect, you can attain Knowledge of Self. Mind, Prana, body and the senses are all instruments only. The real Seer is the Self who is pure, unchanging, eternal, self-luminous, self-existent, self-contained, infinite and immortal. When you begin to identify yourself with this immortal, all-pervading Self, all miseries will come to an end.

Exercise I

(b) When the mind is well calmed down, and peaceful, fix the thought on the I Am, as taught in our previous lessons. Picture the I as an entity independent of the body deathless invulnerable immortal real. Then think of it as independent of the body, and able to exist without


A Jivanmukta inspired with the divine spirit, intoxicated with the immortal nectar, filled with the infinite Atma, endowed with an equal vision and balanced mind, beholds only the Self or Atma everywhere and embraces all with pure love. Glory to such awakened inspired high souls May their blessings be upon you forever


Every living creature unconsciously breathes the prayer 'So'ham' (Sah He Aham Aham I-He, the Immortal Spirit, am I) with each inward breath. So also with each outgoing breath each creature prays 'Hamsah' (I am He). This ajapa-mantra (unconscious repetitive prayer) goes on for ever within each living creature throughout life. The


The Spirit of total Dissolution, who resides in the cremation ground. The Ancient Goddess. The Youthful Mother Kali. The Power of the Ida Nadi as Supreme Bliss. The One who gives Joy to the Devas. The Joy of the Highest Knowledge. The Supremely Joyful and Joy-giving Mother. The Immortal Joy of the Divine Nectar. The Holder of the discus for destroying the asuras. The Royal discus-Holder, making her devotees fearless.


(d) I am not the body (I am distinct from body). I am not the mind (I am distinct from the mind). I am not Prana (I am distinct from Prana). I am not Indriyas (I am distinct from Indriyas). I am Immortal Atman. (Body idea will disappear). (f) I am Immortal Atman OM OM OM (c) I am the Immortal Self in all. 3. Thou art neither body nor mind, O Sushil Thou art the Immortal Atman. Feel this. Feel 4. Deny body, deny world. Assert. Recognise. Realise. I am the living Truth. I am the living Reality. I am Satchidananda Brahman. Aham Brahma Asmi I am the Immortal Self.

Divine Message

Pure as the snow of the Himalayas, bright as sunlight, expansive as the sky, all-pervading as the ether unfathomable as the ocean, cool as the waters of the Ganges, is the Immortal Atman the substratum for this world, body, mind and Prana. Nothing is sweeter than this Atman.

Authors Preface

My Karma has brought me like this. Exert. Exert. Do Purushartha. Do Tapas. Concentrate. Purify. Meditate. Do not become a fatalist. Do not yield to inertia. Do not bleat like a lamb. Roar OM, OM, OM like a lion of Vedanta. See how Markandeya who was destined to die at his sixteenth year became a Chiranjeevi, an immortal boy of sixteen years on account of his Tapas Also note how Savitri brought back to life by her Tapas her dead husband how Benjamin Franklin and late Sri T. Muthuswamy Iyer of Madras High Court elevated themselves. Remember, my friends, that man is the master of his own destiny. Visvamitra Rishi, who was a Kshatriya Raja, became a Brahma Rishi like Vasishtha and even created a third world for Trishanku by his power of Tapas. Rogue Ratnakar became the sage Valmiki through Tapas. Rogues Jagai and Madai of Bengal became highly developed Saints. They became the disciples of Lord Gauranga. What others have done, you also can do. There is no doubt of...


Once the sadhaka has experienced the fullness of creation or of the Creator, his thirst (trsna) for objects of sense vanishes and he looks at them ever after with dispassion (vairagya). He experiences no disquiet in heat or cold, in pain or pleasure, in honour or dishonour and in virtue or vice. He treats the two imposters - triumph and disaster -with equanimity. He has emancipated himself from these pairs of op-posites. He has passed beyond the pull of the gunas and has become a gunatlta (one who has transcended the gunas). He is then free from birth and death, from pain and sorrow and becomes immortal. He has no self-identity as he lives experiencing the fullness of the Universal Soul. Such a man, scorning nothing, leads all things to the path of perfection.


That in which the sun rises and in which it sets, that which is the source of all the powers of nature and of the senses, that which nothing can transcend - that is the immortal Self Katha Upanishad, p. 21 The Self-Existent made the senses turn outward. Accordingly, man looks toward what is without, and sees not what is within. Rare is he, longing for immortality, shuts his eyes to what is without and beholds the Self. Katha Upanishad, p. 20 That being, who is the power of all powers and is born as such, who embodies himself in the elements and in them exists, and who has entered the lotus of the heart, is the immortal Self. Katha Upanishad, p. 21 That being, of the size of a thumb, dwells deep within the heart. He is the lord of time, past and future. Having attained him, one fears no more. He, verily, is the immortal Self. Katha Upanishad, p. 21 Atman is not the Knower, Nor is It the known. It is not accessible to inference. Words cannot describe This Consciousness Absolute. The...

White Willow

Putting human error to one side, we see that the willow is a tree of remarkable vitality and fertility. Single cut twigs of willow put out new roots and grow into trees themselves if just heeled into wet ground. Damaged branches can also recover to become dense thickets. The incredible regenerative abilities of the willow would no doubt make it immortal were it not for the fact that its quick growing and soft wood is so susceptible to fungal growth.

Power Of Prayer

It fills the mind with purity. It is associated with praise of God. It keeps the mind in tune with God. Prayer can reach a realm where reason dare not enter. Prayer can move mountains. It can work miracles. It frees the devotee from the fear of death, brings him nearer to God and makes him feel the divine presence everywhere. It awakens in him the divine consciousness and makes him feel his essential immortal and blissful nature.

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