Avoid nonsleep activities TV watching reading eating and so on in bed

✓ Go to bed at the same time. Make this a force of good habit.

✓ Get up if you can't sleep and sit in another room. Try going to bed again when you feel sleepy. Do this change of scenery as often as necessary instead of tormenting yourself in bed for hours on end.

✓ Cut an hour off your regular eight-hour sleeping time. Reducing your normal amount of sleep makes you that much more ready to sleep the next night.

We counsel against taking sleeping pills. They condition the body wrongly. If you feel that you need to take sleep aids, give herbal oils (massaged into the feet or the whole body), acupressure, or homeopathy a try. But many Yoga practitioners have found a significant improvement of their insomnia just after a few weeks of regular daily practice.

If you're claustrophobic, this exercise may not necessarily work for you. But before giving up, you may first want to try evoking feelings of security and comfort, as in a mother's womb.

Unite Mind Body Spirit With Yoga

Unite Mind Body Spirit With Yoga

Practitioners of yoga talk about a unification of body, mind and spirit acquired through practicing the yoga exercises and techniques. Learn more within this guide.

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