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The traditional practice time for Yoga is 24 hours a day, as we discuss in Chapter 20. But even full-fledged yogis and yoginis don't perform postures and other similar exercises for more than a few hours daily. (Of course, some of them don't practice any physical exercises at all but pursue meditation exclusively.) Some people can carve out a regular Yoga practice time in their daily schedules. Many others, however, find this commitment completely impractical. Yet you can still benefit by attending classes just twice a week; even attending a group session once a week may introduce a little balance into a hectic lifestyle. You also have many opportunities during the day to work in a few Yoga postures or breathing exercises — during car rides or coffee breaks, or while going shopping.

How much time you allocate to your postural practice depends entirely on your goals and lifestyle. Inevitably, the busier you are with work, chores around the house, and social life, the less time you have available for Yoga. Consider starting with twice a week for a minimum of 15 minutes and see whether you can build to 30 minutes as a realistic goal in the first three months. If you're able to dedicate more time to Yoga, try to practice daily. But set a realistic goal for yourself so that you don't stress-out about Yoga or give up on it before you're able to enjoy its benefits. Also, remember that even if you don't have much time during the week, you can apply what you learn from each session anytime and anywhere!

The amount of time that you dedicate to Yoga is a personal choice — no need to feel guilty about your decision. Guilt is counterproductive and has no place in Yoga practice.

Eating before Yoga practice

Whether you're taking a Yoga class or practicing on your own, the guidelines for eating before Yoga practice are similar to the advice given for most physical activities. With even the lightest meal, such as fruit or juice, allow at least one hour before class. For larger meals with vegetables and grains, allow two hours and for heavy meals with meat, three to four hours. Eating right after class is okay. You may even have worked up a good appetite.

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The Newbies Guide To Yoga

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