Breathing in four directions

You can move your body in four natural directions:

✓ Flexion: Bending forward

✓ Extension: Bending backward

✓ Lateral flexion: Bending sideways

✓ Rotation: Twisting your body

Normally, when people move they tend to hold or strain their breath. In Yoga, you simply follow the natural flow of the breath. As a rule, adopt this pattern:

✓ Inhale when moving into back bends (as shown in Figure 5-4a).

✓ Exhale when moving into forward bends (see Figure 5-4b).

✓ Exhale when moving into side bends (see Figure 5-4c).

✓ Exhale when moving into twists (as shown in Figure 5-4d).

Figure 5-4:

Breathing properly during postures is important.

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