Cobra I Sphinx

Note: We recommend that you use either this posture or the cobra posture in the preceding section, not both. Cobra I is less strenuous than cobra II, so go with cobra I if you aren't sure.

If the cobra postures aggravate your lower back, separate your legs wider than your hips and turn your heels out with your toes inward. Also, if you move your hands further forward, these postures are less difficult.

1. Lie on your abdomen with your legs at hip width and the tops of the feet on the floor.

2. Rest your forehead on the floor and relax your shoulders.

Bend your elbows and place your forearms on the floor with your palms turned down and positioned near the sides of your head.

3. As you inhale, engage your back muscles, press your forearms against the floor, and raise your chest and head as in Figure 22-12.

Look straight ahead and keep your forearms and the front of your pelvis on the floor. Continue to relax your shoulders.

4. As you exhale, lower your torso and head slowly back to the floor.

5. Repeat Steps 2 through 4 six to eight times.

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