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Yoga's integrated approach works with both the body and the mind, offering potent antidotes to just the sort of attitudes that make you prone to stress, especially egotism, extreme competitiveness, perfectionism, and the sense of having to accomplish everything right now and by yourself. In all matters, Yoga seeks to replace negative thoughts and attitudes with positive mental dispositions; it asks you to be kind to yourself. Yogic practice helps you understand that everything has its proper place and time.

If you, like so many stress sufferers, have a hard time asking for help, Yoga can give you a real appreciation that everyone is interdependent. If you're by nature distrustful of others, Yoga puts you in touch with that part of your psyche that naturally trusts life itself. It shows you that you don't need to feel as if you're under attack, because your real life — your spiritual identity — can never be harmed or destroyed.

Wherever ego, I go

The ultimate source of stress is the ego, or what the Yoga masters call the "I-maker" (aham-kara), from aham ("I") and kara ("maker"). From the perspective of Yoga, the ego is a mistaken notion in which people identify with their particular bodies rather than the universe as a whole. Consequently, they experience fear of death and attachment to the body and the mind. This attachment, which is the survival instinct, in turn gives rise to all those many emotions and intentions that make up the game of life. Keeping this artificial center — the ego — going is inherently stressful. The Yoga masters all agree that by relaxing the grip of the ego, you can experience greater peace and happiness. Happy letting go!

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Easing Your Stress With Yoga

Easing Your Stress With Yoga

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