Dos and donts

The following list gives you some tips on what you can usually do to help your upper back and neck issues:

✓ Aim to perfect your mountain posture (see Chapter 7) and apply those lessons to your posture off the mat in your daily life.

✓ Discover how to let go of your tension with the relaxation techniques in Chapter 4. Becoming a student of Chapter 5's yogic breathing can also help you let go.

✓ Use the routine in the following section. You can also find DVD resources in the appendix.

Some actions can exacerbate your problems. Here are some things to avoid:

✓ No matter how much you may want to look like the models in many Yoga magazines, the headstand or full shoulder stand isn't for you. You can safely explore a world full of other postures.

✓ Avoid any neck routines that recommend full circles of the neck. This movement can cause serious problems, especially if you have a history of neck problems.


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