DVDs and videotapes for Hatha Yoga and meditation

✓ Gaiam Kids: Yogakids Fun Collection by Gaiam

✓ Kripalu Yoga/Dynamic starring Stephen Cope

✓ Kripalu Yoga Gentle starring Sudha Carolyn Lundeen

✓ Lilias! AM & PM Yoga Workouts for Seniors starring Lilias Folan

✓ Meditation for Beginners starring Maritza

✓ Relaxation & Breathing for Meditation starring Rodney Yee

✓ Total Yoga: Original starring Ganga White and Tracey Rich

✓ Total Yoga: The Flow Series — Water by Ganga White and Tracey Rich (series also features Earth and Fire DVDs)

✓ Yoga For Beginners starring Barbara Benagh

✓ Yoga For Families: Connect With Your Kids starring Gerardo Diego

✓ Yoga Journal: John Friend's Anusara Yoga Grand Gathering (3 DVD Set) starring John Friend

✓ Yoga for Stress Relief (with The Dalai Lama) starring Barbara Benagh

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