Forward bends

The seated forward bends normally come toward the end of an exercise program because they have a calming effect. Of all the postures described in this book, the seated extended-leg forward bends divide the sexes the most. Because of their higher muscle density, especially in the hip and groin area, men are usually tighter in the hamstrings. Preparation of the hamstrings is particularly important for them in these postures. If you have a hard time with this category, bend your knees more and, if necessary, place some blankets under your hips to give yourself a better angle for the forward bends (which we cover in Chapter 11). For a 30-minute routine, choose just one forward bend from Chapter 11; pick two for a 60-minute routine. Figure 15-23 shows you some possibilities. Alternately, you may substitute with one kneeling or seated side bend from Chapter 11, and one seated or kneeling forward bend from earlier in this chapter for compensation.

Kneeling Forward Bend Yoga

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