General conditioning

For the purposes of general conditioning, choose the following categories and do them in the order listed. You can also use the illustrations earlier in this chapter as a reference point.

Some of the postures below appear in this chapter; you can also find information in the listed chapters.

✓ Either a standing or seated rest posture for attunement (flip to "Rest postures" earlier in this chapter as well as Chapters 6 and 7) and a Yoga breathing technique from Chapter 5.

✓ A dynamic series, such as either kneeling or standing sun salutation (Chapter 13); the rejuvenation sequence, which counts as three or four postures (also in Chapter 13) or three to four standing postures (see "Standing postures" earlier in this chapter plus Chapter 7) for six to eight minutes.

✓ A lying twist (see "Twists" earlier in this chapter as well as Chapter 12).

✓ Compensate with knees- or knee-to-chest postures (check out Figure 15-13 earlier in the chapter).

✓ A lying or seated rest posture from the "Rest postures" section earlier in the chapter.

✓ A breathing exercise from Chapter 5 and/or a relaxation technique from Chapter 4.

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