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The main postures are the standard asanas you find featured in the classical Yoga texts and modern manuals. These asanas are the stars of your routine, requiring you to work a little harder. The chapters of Part II describe many of the main postures that we recommend for beginners. Figure 15-12 shows you some examples. Whichever asanas you select, remember to match them with your specific goals.

Whenever possible, a warm-up posture precedes and a compensation posture follows each category of main postures.

The number of postures you select for your Yoga session depends on your available time and your goals. Later in this chapter, we provide you with a framework for selecting postures for varying lengths of time, as well as guidelines to create routines that focus on general conditioning, stress reduction, preparation for meditation, and a quick pick-me-up.

Figure 15-12:

Compensation postures.

Figure 15-12:

Compensation postures.


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