Getting to the Roots of the Posture

When you look at a tree, you see only what is above ground — the vertical trunk with its crown of branches and foliage and maybe a few chirping birds. Trees appear to just perch atop the soil, and you wonder how in the world such a top-heavy thing can stay upright.

Well, everyone knows that the secret of the tree's equilibrium is its underground network of roots that anchor the visible part of the plant solidly into the earth. In the balancing postures, you too can discover how to grow your "roots" into the earth and stand up as steady as a tree.

For us, the balancing postures can be the most fun and the most dramatic of all the postures. Although they're relatively simple, the postures can produce profound effects. As you may expect, they work to improve your overall sense of physical balance, coordination, and grounding. With awareness in these three areas, you can move more easily and effectively, whether you're going about your daily business or are engaged in activities calling for great coordination, such as sports or dance. The yogic balancing postures also have therapeutic applications, such as with back problems or retraining whole muscle groups.

When you improve your physical balance naturally, you can expect to enjoy improved mental balance. The balancing postures are exceptional seeds for concentration, and when they're mastered, they create confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

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