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Finding a good Yoga therapist who fits your needs takes a bit of research.

Following are some tips that should help you in you in your search:

✓ Find out where the Yoga therapist has received training. Look for someone who has successfully completed a respected training program. The Yoga Therapy Rx training program at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles is the first of what is sure to become many university-based programs to prepare Yoga teachers to apply the tools of Yoga to bring relief and improvement. We also list other highly respected non-university programs, some with specific specialties in the appendix.

✓ Ask a trusted source. Yoga therapists work with a range of health care practitioners. Ask your practitioner for a referral.

✓ Visit the Web site of a respected training program. Many training programs publish the names and contact information of therapists they have trained. While at the site, you can explore the training course descriptions and evaluate their appropriateness for your needs.

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