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We are human in large part because hundreds of thousands of years ago our ancestors figured out how to literally stand on their own two feet. Appropriately, the yogic standing postures make up the foundation of asana practice.

The way that you stand tells a lot about you. These days, a person who stands tall usually sucks in the belly and sticks out the chest and chin in military fashion. But you can stand tall and straight and be relaxed at the same time.

Body and mind form a unit; they're the outside and the inside of the same person: you. In a way, your body is a map of your mind.

Through regular Yoga practice, you can use the feedback from your body to discipline your mind, and the feedback from your mind (particularly your emotions) to train your body.

You're grounded!

Calling yogic standing posture an asana ("seat") may seem contradictory, but the posture actually helps you become firmly grounded. In Yoga, grounding is as important as reaching up. You can reach the heights of Yoga only when you're as sturdy as a mountain or a sequoia.

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