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This exercise is for those who suffer from insomnia but have an active imagination. Instead of watching your mind weave tale after tale when you can't sleep at night, why not recruit your imagination for the purpose of falling soundly asleep? Here's how.


Over 100 million North Americans suffer from chronic sleeplessness for medical, psychological, social, or environmental reasons. A medical cause may be a diagnosed or undiagnosed chronic disease, a temporary illness (such as the flu), pain, or reaction to a remedy. A psychological cause may be general anxiety, depression, anger, or alertness (such as expecting to be awakened by your baby). A social cause may be the habit of going to bed too late or having a late meal. An environmental cause may be a noisy neighborhood or a toxic home.

Obviously, you want to rule out interference from a chronic disease or reaction to a medication, so if need be, consult a physician or a pharmacist. You know whether you're anxious, depressed, or overly alert and whether your social habits are or aren't conducive to your sleep and well-being. But here are some sleep habits that represent their own obstacle to a good night's rest:

✓ Being fearful about insomnia by entertaining such misconceived notions that if you don't sleep eight hours every day you will die, go literally crazy, or become totally inefficient. Generally, these extremes don't happen. These mental expectations program your body to fulfill your own prophecies. More often than not, insomniacs sleep many more hours than they think. Especially, older folks who swear that they haven't slept a wink in days can be found happily snoozing after lunch or another time during the day.

✓ Anxiously watching the clock. The best thing is to place your clock where you can't see or reach it.

To combat insomnia, cultivate the following:

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Natural Cures For Insomnia

Natural Cures For Insomnia

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