Locust III Superman posture

This posture, a further variation of shalabhasana, gets its name from the image of Superman flying through the air at warp speed, with his arms extended out in front leading the way. It's the most strenuous back bend because fully extending your arms and legs as shown in Figure 11-6 puts quite a load on your entire back. Use this pose only after you're comfortable with locust I and II.

This posture is physically challenging. Don't attempt it if you're having back or neck problems.

If you're ready and able, try the following steps:

Lie on your abdomen with your legs spread at hip width and the tops of your feet on the floor; extend your arms back along the sides of your torso with your palms on the floor and rest your forehead on the floor (see Figure 11-6a).

Figure 11-6:

Make sure you're ready for this "super" posture.

Figure 11-6:

Make sure you're ready for this "super" posture.

2. As you inhale, raise your chest, legs, and head and sweep your arms like wings out to the sides and then all the way forward as

Figure 11-6b illustrates.

In the beginning, try sweeping your arms only halfway forward in a T position; it allows your back muscles to gradually become accustomed to the posture's physical demands.

3. As you exhale, sweep your arms back and lower your torso, legs, and head slowly to the floor at the same time.

4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 three times and then stay in Step 2 (the last raised position) for 6 to 8 breaths.

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