Lower back routine

The following exercises aren't meant for acute back problems. If any part of this routine causes you back or neck pain, omit that part and check with your medical or chiropractic physician before you continue.

A session or two of Yoga or back exercise during your week doesn't help much if you misuse or abuse your back the rest of the time.

No single Yoga routine is appropriate for all back problems. When your doctor feels that you're ready for a regular group class, the following routine can help you make the transition. Keep in mind that the Yoga breathing we recommend for this routine (Chapter 5's focus breathing or belly breathing) is just as important as the Yoga postures. Inhale and exhale slowly through your nose, with a slight pause after both the inhalation and the exhalation. We give you various options for many of the postures so that you can find the moves that are right for you. And remember that executing the postures in the proper sequence is very important.

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