Newspaper sequence

This is the most challenging sequence to coordinate. Give yourself some time to get used to it, and it may become one of your favorites.

1. Start in the seated chair posture.

2. Inhale and then, as you exhale, move both hands up to eye level with your palms facing you as though you were looking at a newspaper (Figure 22-24a demonstrates).

3. As you inhale, move both hands up and follow your hands with your eyes and head until your hands are just above your forehead as shown in Figure 22-24b.

Try not to turn your head too far back when you're looking up at your hands. Think of rotating up from the level of your ears rather than your collar.

4. As you exhale, bring your chin down to your chest without moving your arms as in Figure 22-24c.

5. As you inhale, separate your hands and move your arms out like wings to the sides at about shoulder height, lifting your chest and looking straight ahead as illustrated in Figure 22-24d.

6. As you exhale, extend your bent arms forward like they're going over a log and round your back like a camel as you look down (see Figure 22-24e).

7. As you inhale, lift your chest; rotate your elbows and palms inward as you raise your hands back to eye level as in Step 2 (see Figure 22-24a).

8. Repeat Steps 1 through 7 four to six times.

Figure 22-24:

The newspaper sequence.

Figure 22-24:

The newspaper sequence.


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