Practicing safe yogic breathing

As you look forward to the calming and restorative power of yogic breathing, take time to reflect on a few safety tips that can help you enjoy your experience.

✓ If you have problems with your lungs (such as a cold or asthma), or if you have a heart disease, consult your physician first before embarking on breath control even under the supervision of a Yoga therapist (unless he or she happens to be a physician as well).

✓ Don't practice breathing exercises when the air is too cold or too hot.

✓ Avoid practicing in polluted air, including the smoke from incense. Whenever possible, practice breath control outdoors or with an open window, where you maximize exposure to negative ions (atoms with a negative electronic charge). Negative ions in moderation are considered beneficial for health. On the other hand, positive ions, which are produced by your TV and computer, have been connected with fatigue, headaches, and respiratory problems.

✓ Don't strain your breathing — remain relaxed while doing the breathing exercises.

✓ Don't overdo the number of repetitions. Stay within our guidelines for each exercise.

✓ Don't wear any constricting pants or belts.

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