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You have many opportunities to apply the wisdom of Yoga as activities and situations during the day. Whether you stay at home with your children or hold down a job outside the home, you have at your disposal an array of tools from Yoga's versatile toolbox for all circumstances. Here are only a few situations in which you can fruitfully apply yogic wisdom (although any situation can benefit from good Yoga practice):

✓ Encountering heavy traffic during your daily commute to and from work

✓ Dealing with customers, a demanding boss, or fellow employees

✓ Enjoying breakfast, lunch, and dinner (see the nearby sidebar "The yogic art of conscious eating")

✓ Experiencing pregnancy and childbirth (head to Chapter 16)

✓ Responding when your child's behavior leaves much to be desired

✓ Living through a health crisis

✓ Enjoying vacations and holidays

✓ Doing the daily shopping

Grieving over the death of a loved one

✓ Watching television

To all these situations you can bring awareness, which is the foundation for all other positive attitudes and practices. You can also bring understanding, patience, calmness, forgiveness, kindness, compassion, love, good humor, and a host of other virtues. By practicing various Yoga techniques, you can also calm your mind and raise your energy level or bring energy to others.

Don't think of the world as "out there" and your Yoga practice as "in here." Because Yoga connects inside and outside, such a distinction is artificial. Allow your practice to flow over into all situations. You're never so busy that you can't transform a few seconds of free time into meaningful time through Yoga: Exhale deeply, center yourself, silently recite a mantra, or bless someone.

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