Preparation for meditation and Yoga breathing

If you're looking for a routine to help you reduce stress, just plain relax, or prepare for meditation and Yoga breathing, choose the following elements in the order listed:

✓ A lying or seated posture from this chapter's "Rest postures" section or Chapter 6 or 7 for attunement and a Yoga breathing technique from Chapter 5. Repeat this or a similar posture at the end of the routine.

✓ Two lying warm-up postures from "Getting Started with Warm-ups" earlier in the chapter — one that moves the arms and the other that moves the legs.

✓ A prone back-bending posture such as cobra I or locust I (see this chapter's "Back bends" and Chapter 11) or a lying back bend such as the bridge.

✓ A bent knee compensation exercise such as the child's posture or knees-to-chest posture covered in "Compensation for back bends" earlier in the chapter.

✓ A lying hamstring posture such as rock the baby, covered earlier in the chapter.

✓ A lying twist (see this chapter's "Twists" section as well as Chapter 12).

✓ A lying bent-knee compensation exercise as shown in Figure 15-14 earlier in the chapter.

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