Seated neck and shoulder massage

This simple technique is very good for releasing land mines between your neck and shoulders.

Holding, squeezing, or compressing tight spots is called ischemic massage and is often used by body workers to release trigger points or sensitive and irritable areas of the body.

1. Start in the seated chair posture and bring your right arm up and across toward your left shoulder; place your right palm down between the top of your left shoulder and your neck as illustrated in Figure 22-27.

2. Slowly and gently massage the surface area between the neck and the left shoulder in a circular motion (starting toward the neck) six to eight times, noticing any tight spots.

3. Find the tightest spots you identified in Step 2 and grab or squeeze each one firmly for six to eight counts.

4. Finish the self-massage by repeating Step 2 six to eight times.

5. Repeat Steps 1 through 4 with the left hand on your right side.

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