Supported chair squatting posture Modified ardha utkatasana

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The supported chair builds overall stamina while it strengthens your back, legs, shoulders, and arms. Move in and out of the posture 3 to 4 times and then stay for 6 to 8 breaths.

Use an actual chair as illustrated in Figure 16-9 unless you feel comfortable without it. Use a wide stance to maintain your center of balance.

Figure 16-9:

Supported chair squatting posture.

Figure 16-9:

Supported chair squatting posture.

Squatting Posture

Use your Yoga tools to ease your labor — and have a healthier child

In their pure and hybrid forms, all the various methods of childbirth preparation — Lamaze, The Bradley Method, Birthing from Within, Birthworks, and Hypnobirthing — draw upon techniques that are integral to Yoga. In its own way, each method teaches the laboring woman to focus on her breath, breathe into a focal point, and/or utilize relaxation and meditation techniques. Your Yoga practice can help you more effectively utilize whichever method of childbirth preparation you choose. Why is this connection important when the pain of childbirth can be controlled pharmacologically? Because babies born through nonmedicated births are better able to breastfeed, and breastfed babies are healthier, as are their mothers. You and your baby may continue to reap the benefits of your prenatal Yoga practice through your lifetimes.

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