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Yoga Booty Challenge

Yoga Poses and Workouts

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Introduction 1

About This Book 1

Conventions Used in This Book 2

What You're Not to Read 3

Foolish Assumptions 3

How This Book Is Organized 3

Part I: Off to a Good Start with Yoga 4

Part II: Postures for Health Maintenance and Restoration 4

Part III: Creative Yoga 4

Part IV: Yoga as a Lifestyle 5

Part V: The Part of Tens 5

Icons Used in This Book 5

Where to Go from Here 6

Part I: Off to a Good Start with Yoga 7

Chapter 1: Yoga 101: What You Need to Know 9

Understanding the True Character of Yoga 9

Finding unity 10

Finding yourself: Are you a yogi (or yogini)? 11

Considering Your Options: The Eight Main Branches of Yoga 12

Bhakti Yoga: The Yoga of devotion 13

Hatha Yoga: The Yoga of physical discipline 13

Jnana Yoga: The Yoga of wisdom 13

Karma Yoga: The Yoga of self-transcending action 13

Mantra Yoga: The Yoga of potent sound 14

Raja Yoga: The Royal Yoga 14

Tantra Yoga: The Yoga of continuity 16

Guru Yoga: The Yoga of dedication to a master 16

Getting The Scoop on the Prominent Styles of Hatha Yoga 16

Finding Your Niche: Five Basic Approaches to Yoga 20

Yoga as fitness training 20

Yoga as a sport 20

Yoga as therapy 21

Yoga as a lifestyle 21

Yoga as a spiritual discipline 22

What most approaches to Yoga have in common 22

Health, Healing, and Yoga 23

Balancing Your Life with Yoga 24

Chapter 2: Ready, Set, Yoga! 27

Setting a Goal for Your Practice 27

Checking Out Various Yoga Class Options 29

Finding a class that's right for you 29

Public or private? 31

Checking the time: How long does a Yoga class last? 32

Paying the price: How much should a Yoga class cost? 33

Going co-ed 33

Dressing for Success, and Other Yoga Practicing Considerations 33

Deciding what to wear 34

Packing your Yoga kit 34

Putting safety first 35

Paging Miss Manners 36

Skipping Class 37

Being a Committed Yogi or Yogini 38

Chapter 3: Prep Before Pep: Ensuring a Fruitful Yoga Practice 39

Cultivating the Right Attitude 39

Leave pretzels for snack time 40

Practice at your own pace 41

Send the scorekeeper home 41

Picture yourself in the posture 42

Enjoying a Peaceful Yoga Practice 42

Busting the perfect posture myth 43

Listening to your body 43

Moving slowly but surely 44

Practicing function over form with Forgiving Limbs 45

Chapter 4: Relaxed Like a Noodle: The Fine Art of Letting Go of Stress 47

The Nature of Stress 47

Correcting wrong attitudes 48

Changing poor habits 49

Releasing bodily tension 51

Relaxation Techniques That Work 51

Tips for a successful relaxation practice 51

Deep relaxation: The corpse posture 52

Afternoon delight 53

Magic triangles 55

Relaxation before sleep 56

Insomnia buster 56

Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) 58

Formulating your intention 59

Performing Yoga Nidra 59

Chapter 5: Breath and Movement Simplified 61

Breathing Your Way to Good Health 61

Taking high-quality breaths 62

Relaxing with a couple of deep breaths 63

Practicing safe yogic breathing 64

Reaping the benefits of yogic breathing 64

Breathing through your nose (most of the time) 65

The Mechanics of Yogic Breathing 67

Understanding how your emotions affect your diaphragm 68

Appreciating the complete yogic breath 68

Starting out with focus breathing 71

Realizing the power of a pause 72

Partners in Yoga: Breath and Postural Movement 72

Breathing in four directions 73

Recognizing the distinct roles of movement and holding in Yoga postures 73

The Yoga Miracle 74

Answering common breath and movement questions 75

Sounding Off: Yogic Breathing 77

Practicing Breath Control the Traditional Way 78

Alternate nostril breathing 79

The cooling breath 80

Shitkari: Inhaling through the mouth 81

Kapala-bhati: Frontal sinus cleansing 82

Part U: Postures for Health Maintenance and Restoration 83

Chapter 6: Please Be Seated 85

Understanding the Philosophy of Yoga Postures 86

Looking at the Many Variations of Sitting 87

Chair-sitting posture 87

The easy posture: Sukhasana 88

The thunderbolt posture: Vajrasana 90

The auspicious posture: Svastikasana 91

The perfect posture: Siddhasana 92

Chapter 7: Standing Tall 95

Identifying That Two-Legged Creature 95

Standing Strong 96

Exercising Your Options 97

Mountain posture: Tadasana 98

Standing forward bend: Uttanasana 99

Half standing forward bend: Ardha uttanasana 101

Asymmetrical forward bend: Parshva uttanasana 102

Triangle posture: Utthita trikonasana 103

Reverse triangle posture: Parivritta trikonasana 104

Warrior I: Vira bhadrasana I 105

Warrior II: Vira bhadrasana II 107

Standing spread-legged forward bend: Prasarita pada uttanasana 108

Half chair posture: Ardha utkatasana 109

Downward-facing dog: Adhomukha shvanasana 110

Chapter 8: Steady as a Tree: Mastering Balance 113

Getting to the Roots of the Posture 113

Balancing Postures for Graceful Strength 114

Warrior at the wall: Vira bhadrasana III variation 114

Balancing cat 115

The tree posture: Vrikshasana 116

The karate kid 117

Standing heel-to-buttock 118

Scorpion 119

Chapter 9: Absolutely Abs 121

Taking Care of the Abdomen: Your Business Center 122

Exercising Those Abs 123

Exploring push-downs 123

Trying yogi sit-ups 124

Strengthening with yogi sit-backs 125

Creating variety with extended leg slide-ups 126

Arching with the suck 'em up posture 127

Exhaling "soundly" 128

Chapter 10: Looking at the World Upside Down 129

Getting a Leg Up on Leg Inversions 130

Legs up on a chair 130

Legs up on the wall 131

The Happy Baby 132

Standing spread-legged forward bend at the wall 133

Trying a Trio of Shoulder Stands 134

Half shoulder stand at the wall 135

Reverse half shoulder stand at the wall 136

Half shoulder stand: Viparita karani 137

Chapter 11: Easy 'round the Bends 139

Gaining a Strong Backbone (And Some Insight) 139

Bending Over Backwards 140

Cobra I 141

Cobra II: Bhujangasana 142

Cobra III 143

Locust I: Shalabhasana 144

Locust II 145

Locust III: Superman posture 146

Bending from Side to Side 147

Seated side bend 148

All-fours side bend 149

Folded side bend 150

Bending Forward 150

Seated forward bend: Pashcimottanasana 151

Head-to-knee posture: Janushirshasana 152

Volcano: Mahamudra 154

Spread-legged forward bend: Upavishta konasana 155

Chapter 12: Several Twists on the Yoga Twist 157

Trying Simple Upright Twists 158

Easy chair twist 158

Easy sitting twist 159

The sage twist 160

Twisting While Reclining 161

Bent leg supine twist 162

The Swiss army knife 163

Extended legs supine twist: Jathara parivritti 164

Chapter 13: Dynamic Posture: The Rejuvenation Sequence and Sun Salutation 167

Warming up for the Sun: Rejuvenating in 9 Steps 168

Gliding Through the 7-Step Kneeling Salutation 170

Advancing to the 12-Step Sun Salutation 172

Chapter 14: A Recommended Beginners' Routine for Men and Women 175

Starting Off Slowly and Wisely 175

Trying Out a Fun Beginner Routine 176

Corpse posture 176

Lying arm raise 177

Knee-to-chest posture 177

Downward-facing dog 178

Child's posture 179

Warrior I 179

Standing forward bend 180

Reverse triangle posture 181

Standing spread-legged forward bend 182

The karate kid 183

Corpse posture redux 183

Reaching Beyond the Beginning 184

Part III: Creative Yoga 185

Chapter 15: Designing Your Own Yoga Program 187

Applying the Rules of Sequencing 188

Getting Started with Warm-Ups 189

Reclining warm-up postures 192

Standing warm-up postures 196

Seated warm-up postures 200

Selecting Your Main Postures and Compensation Poses 202

Getting stronger with standard asanas 202

Bringing balance with compensation postures 204

Including Plenty of Rest and Relaxation 207

Knowing when to rest and when to resume 207

Rest postures 207

Cooking Up a Creative Yoga Routine with the Classic Formula 210

A postural feast: The 30- to 60-minute general-conditioning routine 211

Making the most of a little: A 15-minute routine 220

Satisfy an appetite for a quick pick-me-up: A 5-minute routine ... 222

Chapter 16: It's Never Too Soon: Pre- and Postnatal Yoga 223

Partnering Yoga with Pregnancy 223

Enjoying Yoga support as you — and the baby — grow 224

Exercising caution during pregnancy 225

Perfect Pregnancy Postures 225

Side-lying posture 226

The cat and cow 227

The cobbler's posture: Badda konasana 227

A safe, quick prenatal routine 228

Continuing Yogic Exercise after Pregnancy (Postpartum) 232

Chapter 17: Yoga for Kids and Teens 235

Kid Stuff: Making Yoga Fun for Youngsters 236

Engaging the imagination: Approaching poses in a child-friendly way 236

Yoga postures kids will love 237

Easing the Transition into Adulthood: Yoga for Teens 248

The antidote to stress in your overscheduled life 249

Fit for life, and so much more 250

Yoga Routines for the Young and Restless 251

Standing routine 252

Floor Routine 254

Chapter 18: It's Never Too Late: Yoga for Midlifers and Older Adults 257

Reaping the Benefits of Yoga Through Midlife and Beyond 258

Working through menopause 258

Not just a "woman thing": Andropause 258

Bones of steel 259

Approaching Prime of Life Yoga with the Right Mindset 259

User-Friendly Routines for Midlifers 259

Prime of Life Yoga routine: Level 1 260

Prime of Life Yoga Routine: Level II 262

Yoga for Older Adults 266

Cherish the Chair: Safe Routines for Older Adults 267

Cherish the chair routine: Level I 267

Cherish the chair routine: Level II 273

Chapter 19: Prop Art: The Why and How of Simple Props 279

Examining the Pros and Cons of Props 280

Exploring the advantages of props 280

Looking at props' drawbacks 280

Going Prop Hunting at Home 281

Working with a wall 281

Using a blanket for more than bedding 281

Choosing a chair for comfort 282

Stretching with a strap 282

Searching Out Props You May Want to Purchase 283

Supporting alignment with the help of blocks 284

Bolstering support with pillows 284

Eyeing the many applications of eye bags 285

Turning to inversion props 285

Part IV: Yoga as a Lifestyle 287

Chapter 20: Yoga Throughout the Day 289

Living Your Day the Yoga Way 289

Turning your face toward a Yoga morning 290

Practicing Yoga throughout the day 292

Incorporating Yoga into nighttime routines 293

Sleeping peacefully with lucid dreaming 294

Aiming toward awareness through lucid waking 295

Approaching mindfulness in deep sleep 295

Seeking Your Higher Self by Discovering the True You 296

Observing yourself 296

Understanding yourself 297

Practicing self-discipline 297

Transcending yourself 298

Making Inroads into the Eightfold Path with Moral Discipline 298

Vowing to do no harm 299

Telling the truth all the time 300

Stealing means more than material theft 301

Observing chastity in thought and deed 301

Acquiring more by living with less 302

Adding other moral practices 303

Exercising Yogic Self-Discipline 303

Purifying mind and body 304

Calming the quest through contentment 304

Focusing with austerity 304

Partnering research with self-study 305

Relating to a higher principle 306

Chapter 21: Meditation and the Higher Reaches of Yoga 307

Understanding Concentration 308

Unleashing your essence 309

Gaining focus 309

Practicing Meditation 310

Getting a handle on cakras: Your wheels of fortune 311

Following a few guidelines for successful meditation 312

Maintaining proper bodily posture 315

Overcoming obstacles to meditation 316

Adding sounds to meditation 316

Breathing mindfully 318

Walking meditation 318

Working toward Ecstasy 319

Reaching toward Enlightenment 320

Chapter 22: Yoga Therapy: The (Yoga) Doctor Will See You Now. . .321

What You Need to Know about Yoga Therapy 321

How to find a good yoga therapist 323

What to expect if you see a Yoga therapist 323

Five-Step Plan for a Healthy Back 324

Yoga Rx for Lower Backs 324

Lower back conditions that need more arching 325

Lower back conditions that need more folding 325

Lower back routine 326

Yoga Rx for Upper Backs and Necks 340

Do's and don'ts 340

Upper back routine 341

Part V: The Part of Tens 351

Chapter 23: Ten Tips for a Great Yoga Practice 353

Understand Yoga 353

Be Clear (and Realistic) about Your Goals and Needs 354

Commit Yourself to Growth 354

Stay for the Long Haul 354

Develop Good Habits from the Beginning 355

Vary Your Routine to Avoid Boredom 355

Make Awareness and Breath Your Allies 355

Do Your Best and Don't Worry about the Rest 356

Allow Your Body to Speak Up 356

Share Yoga 356

Chapter 24: Ten Good Reasons to Practice Yoga 357

Yoga Helps You Maintain, Recover, or Improve Your Health 357

Yoga Makes You Fit and Energetic 358

Yoga Balances Your Mind 358

Yoga Is a Powerful Aid for Personal Growth 358

Yoga Is Truly Comprehensive and Empowering 359

Yoga Helps You Harmonize Your Social Relationships 359

Yoga Enhances Your Awareness 359

Yoga Combines Well with Other Disciplines 360

Yoga Is Easy and Convenient 360

Yoga Is Liberating 360

Appendix: Additional Yoga Resources 361

Discovering Yoga Organizations 361

Taking a Look at Teacher Training and Academic Programs 362

Knowing Other Significant Organizations in the U.S. and Canada 363

Mapping Major Overseas Organizations 364

Europe 364

Latin America 364

Australia and New Zealand 365

India 365

Tapping Into Yoga Props 366

Checking Out Top-Notch Web Sites 366

Lingering at the Yoga Library 367

Reference works and general introductions 367

Hatha Yoga (beginners and advanced) 367

Raja (classical), Jnana, Bhakti, and Karma Yoga 368

Tantra and Kundalini Yoga 368

Meditation, mantras, and prayer 369

Yoga for pregnancy and children 369

Yoga therapy 369

General Yoga topics 370

Peeking into Periodicals 370

Seeing and Hearing All the Latest Audio Resources, DVDs, and Videotapes 371

Audio resources 371

DVDs and videotapes for Hatha Yoga and meditation 372

General conditioning and Yoga therapy DVDs by coauthor Larry Payne 372

Index 373

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