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Relaxation isn't quite the same as doing nothing. Often, when you believe you're doing nothing, you're actually busy contracting unused muscles quite unconsciously. Relaxation is a conscious endeavor that lies somewhere between effort and noneffort. To truly relax, you have to understand and practice the skill.

Relaxation doesn't require any gadgets, but you may want to try the following:

✓ Practice in a quiet environment where you're unlikely to be disturbed by others or the telephone.

✓ Try placing a small pillow under your head and a large one under your knees for support and comfort in the supine, or lying, positions. Alternatively, fold up a blanket.

✓ Ensure that your body stays warm. If necessary, heat the room first or cover yourself with a blanket. Particularly avoid lying on a cold floor, which isn't good for your kidneys.

✓ Don't practice relaxation techniques on a full stomach.

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