Tree posture

Work your child through tree posture by using the following instructions, and check out Figure 17-6 for an illustration. Flip to Chapter 7 for more information on the adult version.

1. Start in the mountain posture, standing tall and still.

2. Bend one of your legs and place the bottom of that foot up high on the inside of the other thigh.

3. Bring your hands together up high above your head and imagine you're a tree, making the sound of the wind blowing through your leaves: shhhhhhhh.

4. Now try the same movements on the other side.

Chapter 11 gives you more information on the adult version of cobra II; the following instructions and Figure 17-7 can help you lead your child through this version.

1. Lie flat on your belly and place your hands on the floor near your armpits with your fingers going forward.

2. Raise your head, shoulders, and back as you press down on your hands, keeping your hips on the ground.

3. Imagine you're a cobra and make the cobra's sound: sssssss.

Figure 17-6:

Tree posture for kids.

Figure 17-6:

Tree posture for kids.

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