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Mindfulness is possible in any circumstance. You can eat, drive, wash dishes, have a conversation, watch television, or make love mindfully. For beginners, mindfulness while walking is an excellent form of meditation. Just follow these steps to get started:

Associating prayer with meditation

A close relationship exists between medita- the ultimate spiritual reality itself — deemed tion and prayer. Prayer practices mindfulness "higher" than the participant. Prayer, like mediin relationship to a being — whether that be a tation, involves a feeling of reverence. guru, a great master (dead or alive), a deity, or

1. Remind yourself of your purpose for meditation and resolve to meditate for a given period of time.

For a first try, we recommend at least 5 minutes for this exercise.

2. Keep your eyes open but unfocused, looking down and a few steps ahead of you.

Don't lower your head, but keep your neck relaxed.

3. Stand completely still and feel your entire body.

4. Focus your attention on your right foot, especially the toes and sole.

5. Slowly raise your right foot and take the first step.

Feel the sensation of the pressure lifting from your right foot and leg and shifting over to your left leg.

6. As you slowly place the right foot back on the ground, become aware of the contact between your sole and the ground.

Also notice the rest of your body: your swinging arms that keep you balanced, your neck and head, your pelvis.

7. Acknowledge any thoughts that arise without being judgmental; return your attention to your whole body, not merely on one limb or movement.

8. At the end of your walking meditation, stand completely still for a few seconds, observing the clarity and calmness within you.

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