Wingandprayer sequence

Think of your upper back and neck as your wingspan; this sequence (as well as those in the following sections) helps you keep that wingspan in balance.

1. Start in the seated chair posture.

2. Join your palms together in the prayer position as in Figure 22-22a.

3. As you inhale, raise your arms comfortably above your head, keeping your hands in the prayer position as Figure 22-22b demonstrates.

4. As you exhale, bring your hands and arms back down, still maintaining prayer position.

5. As you inhale, separate your hands and move your arms out like wings to the sides at about shoulder height, lifting your chest and looking straight ahead as illustrated in Figure 22-22c.

6. As you exhale, bring your hands and arms to the starting position in Step 2.

7. Repeat Steps 1 through 6 four to six times.

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