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Money Matters

Here is a huge thanks for the article about Greg Gumucio's donation-based yoga studio, Yoga to the People ("The People's Practice," Dec. '08). I discovered the studio while living in New York and fell in love with the concept. Yoga has become such a huge business, and the class prices make it so hard for a regular person to practice in a beautiful, safe, friendly environment. Yoga to the People also offers free podcasts on its website (yogatothepeople.com), so you can practice anytime, anywhere.

kristy janvier via email

Therapist Recommended

I read "Talk to Me," by Elana Verbin Bizer (Dec. '08) and just had to respond. I'm a psychotherapist and yoga teacher and have been incorporating yoga philosophy, breathwork, and postures into my client sessions for the past five years with positive results. So thank you for promoting a style of therapy that can produce more-profound and deeper healing than each discipline alone. Also, the International Association of Yoga Therapists website (iayt.org) lists practitioners who integrate yoga and psychotherapy.

julie kaus via email

Special Issue

I picked up Yoga Journal's 2009 Complete Guide to Home Practice and wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you put it together. As a yogi, mom of two, and member of our struggling economy, I've found it difficult to come up with the time, money, or knowledge to fit yoga into my life and budget. This guide has

given me the inspiration and knowledge to fuel my personal practice. Since getting the issue, I've practiced every day. Thank you for helping make yoga more accessible to me.

Stephanie renaud

Windsor, Ontario

Worry Lines

Your article "Free from Worry" (Dec.

'08) featured Handstand and two rather strong chair-supported poses in a sequence to calm anxiety. Will these asanas actually reduce anxiety? Perhaps for ego-driven advanced students, but not for average yogis.

lucy neuenschwander

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Strike a Pose

I'm always troubled by the Yoga Journal covers. Oftentimes, they portray young, skinny women performing the most advanced yoga postures, which would discourage most women and men from trying yoga. The Shayanasana (Repose Posture) pictured on the Dec. '08 cover is unnerving.

ana leroy

Washington, DC

CORRECTION In "Holiday on Mats" (Dec. '08), the date listed for Yoga Day USA was incorrect. The annual event is for yoga teachers and schools registered with the Yoga Alliance. For information about the next Yoga Day USA in December 2009, go to yogaalliance.org.

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