Liquid Asana

This DVD by Zen Dancing founder Micheline Berry applies fluid dance moves to modified poses for a free-flowing vinyasa practice, which Berry teaches at the Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in Los Angeles. For a schedule of events, visit victoria everman

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Think of it as an umbrella for your immune system.



Remember winter? The season of drippy noses, sneezing and wheezing — when your immune system weathers storm after storm. It's the season for the advanced 24-hour immune protection of Ester-C.®*

Take once a day for:

24-Hour Immune Protection*: Gentle on the Stomach

Patented Ester-C® increases vitamin C levels in the body—getting into white blood cells quickly and staying there for up to 24 hours*1

Ester-C® is buffered and non-acidic, making it gentle on the digestive system *

Quick Absorption:

Ester-C®is formulated to maximize the absorption and retention of vitamin C in your body.*

The Better Vitamin C.®


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