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Use what you have learned in the previous variations to determine how low to take your hand. Ifyou can't reach the floor but feel you can go lower than the block, clasp your ankle with your hand. If your chest and abdomen turn toward the floor, raise your hand higher. The chest should remain broad and open in the pose.

First-timers tend to lean slightly forward and push the right hip back so that they don't fall back. Take your right outer hip forward, bring your torso in line with your legs and hips, roll both shoulders back as ifyou had a wall behind you, and revolve your chest toward the ceiling. The back body should feel firm and stable, like a wall that supports the front body.

In Trikonasana, as in all asanas, you will learn to balance the dualities of courage and caution. As you form various triangles with your body, perhaps you will glimpse the connections between firmness and extension and creation and freedom. ■

Marla Apt is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher.

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