Sacred Art Yoga Teacher Training Ya

RYT 200 Honoring all styles of yoga. Exemplary training. Affordable weekend and 9-day sessions. (713) 526-6595.

UNION/YOGA 200-/500-HOUR CERTIFICATION YA approved. Leelanau County, MI or your site. Proven effective since 1989. Call (888) 881-YOGA. Apply online.

SAVANNAH YOGA CENTER YA 200-hour October teacher training. 8-month program. Extensive and affordable. All levels welcome. Call (912) 232-2994.

CAROLINE KLEBL'S ASHTANGA YOGA TEACHER TRAINING RETREATS 200-/ 500hour YA approved. April 2009 in Hawaii, August 2009 in Bali.

INTERNATIONAL YOGA ALLIANCE 200-HR CERTIFICATION Oceanfront retreat. Baja, Mexico. 18- and 26-day residential intensives: $2630. Call (877) 490-9883. [email protected].

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Implementing Yoga For Body And Business

Implementing Yoga For Body And Business

The Growing Interest In Yoga To Unlock The Inner You Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life And Business! In this book, you will learn all about the secrets behind what Yoga really is and what yoga can do for you and your life. How yoga can help unlock the inner you.

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