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you discover your authentic nature. Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, the founder of the International Dzogchen Community, was the first to bring Yantra Yoga to the West in 1971. His detailed commentary clearly elucidates the terse and obscure text, and the many drawings are a great help in deciphering the instructions that even translator Adriano Clemente admits are best passed down by a live teacher.

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THE IVY CEILING, by Lokah. Lokah Music,

Like the ever-diversifying schools of asana, kirtan has become a family tree with numerous branches. The group Lokah—led by vocalists Sri Michael Shlofmitz and Uma Nanda Saraswati— hangs from the electronica branch, with Sanskrit mantras set to beat-driven and elaborately layered arrangements that would be equally suitable for yoga class soundtracks or for getting your groove on the dance floor. Lokah's synthesizer-heavy songs incorporate eclectic stylings — electronica, funk, Eastern rhythms and tones, Britpop, and goth rock.

The track "Sabmila Bolo," with a spi-raling refrain entwined with jazz pizzicato accents and a righteous bass line, is infectious, and the central lick of "Lokah" (featuring the mantras Lokah samastha sukhino bhavanthu and Asato ma sat gamaya) has the sort of anthemic, stadium-rock sound you'd expect from a band like Oasis.

The band gathered several musical superstar yogis to make cameos on the CD — Russell Simmons does an inspiring spoken-word intro riffing on the connection between yoga, art, and activism; Sting's sexy smooth vocals introduce the song "Ma Durga"; and Sky Cries Mary band members Anisa Romero and Roderick Romero perform backing vocals on most tracks. These funky, uplifting, and beautifully rendered interpretations of ancient mantras just might add another dimension to the experience of listening to devotional singing, planting powerful seeds in venues and minds outside the yoga studio. jeremy lehrer

ELEPHANT POWER, by MCYogi. White Swan Records; Who knew the colorful tales of Hindu mythology would lend themselves well to the rap idiom? On this album, "Son of Shiva" tells the story of how the deity Ganesha got his elephant head—"truly a head only a mother could love," MC Yogi jokes. "Be the Change" pays homage to Mahatma Gandhi; it's refreshing to hear the cadences of hip-hop marshaled to encourage nonviolence.

MC Yogi busts all the right moves for all the right reasons on this captivating disc, making him a welcome addition to the growing worldwide kirtan posse. Also known as Nicholas Giacomini, MC Yogi is a rapper, artist, and San Francisco Bay Area yoga instructor who came of age during the early '80s hip-hop explosion that brought acts like the Beastie Boys and Run DMC to pop-culture prominence. He was 18 when he discovered yoga, spirituality, and kirtan. Here, he combines all his various influences in an engaging way.

Giacomini's beats are urban but subdued, skillfully married to sitar drones and other flavors from yoga's Indian roots. The album's guest kirtan singers, Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Bhagavan Das, and Jivamukti Yoga co-founder Sharon Gannon, provide melodic counterpoint to MC Yogi's rhymes. His lyrical flow is supple, playful, and, at times, socially conscious. alan di perna

MAHA MOHA: The Great Delusion, by Wade Imre Morissette. Nutone;

The third album by musician and yoga instructor Wade Imre Morissette moves away from the singer-songwriter direction of his earlier releases. Maha Moha, more hypnotic and rhythmic than Morissette's previous recordings, merges the meditative drone of Indian music with trancey,

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