SfSTái people shall we dance?

© me for tango's demand for total presence and surrender of ego.

Argentine tango was born among 19th-century immigrants of their desire for intimacy, or connection, with others, the way that yoga was born of an urge to connect with the energy of the cosmos. In tango, the leader and the follower share a fluid balance that emanates from the spine, or axis. When I lean torso-to-torso with my partner and we step in sync to the music, I leave artificial time behind. My breath is deep, boundless, and effortless; my heart chakra blossoms like a thousand-petal lotus. The two of us connect, human props for each other, in a rapturous yogic flow

In Buenos Aires I assisted a teacher who admonished his students, "Not two. One!" His command for dancers to let go of the idea of a separate Self echoed the instruction of Zen teacher Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, whose "Not two, not one" similarly taught us not to count the world inside and the world outside ourselves as separate phenomena; in fact, not to count at all.

If it was on the mat that I first discovered these lessons, experiencing this union on the dance floor has taught me to be open to finding the Divine everywhere—in actions as humble as peeling potatoes, or as fantastic as walking a tightrope. In these moments, when you give all of yourself to whatever you're passionate about— when you find yourself transported to that inexplicable place of connection and delivered back, renewed—I think you discover the true meaning of yoga.

Camille Cusumano is the author of Tango: An Argentine Love Story.

It takes connection to tango: Camille Cusumano finds the Divine in dance.

feeling footloose?

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