The Women: (Left) Tour guide Hashmat speaks to the group. (Below) Easton assists a Women for Women staffer in a yoga pose.

indo, who, with a baby on her hip and one in her belly, had walked many hours to get there. She seems so shy, traumatized, and vulnerable. I only hope she is able to complete the program so that she can have a way to really take care of herself and her children.

We hug, and I give her some black pearl stud earrings from Tahiti that she quickly tucks into her sarong. I want to give her something that's special to me and could be special for her to own. Whatever kripalu school of massage more than going through the motions.

Get hands-on experience in this transformational curriculum that covers everything from sacred touch and the energetics of the body to essential anatomy and physiology. The Kripalu approach focuses on conscious communication and the therapist-client relationship, embracing the power and responsibility of healing from the inside out. And with additional studies in yogic inquiry and philosophy, you'll leave with an integrated education, ready to begin a sustainable career in this popular healing art.

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Kripalf 1 I exploring the yoga of life.

Stockbridge, Massachusetts kripalu.org

Kripalf 1 I exploring the yoga of life.

Stockbridge, Massachusetts kripalu.org

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Course curriculum includes:

• Asana Theory and Practice Anatomy and Physiology The Eight Limbs ofYoga Teaching Meditation and Pranayama Communication Skills for Yoga Instruction

• How to Establish Yourself as aTeacher

Temple of

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